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Itchy Toes Causes and Prevention

There are a number of reasons why people experience itchy toes, but mostly it is brought about by fungi. It is important to first know the cause of the itchiness and the type of fungi that gave the infection before treating it on your own. Otherwise, there is a big chance that you are making them worse instead of treating the itchy toes.

Fighting Athlete’s Foot

The most common form of infection causing itchy toes would be the athlete’s foot. It is caused by the fungi tinea pedis and is also called ringworm of the foot.

The infection usually targets the skin between the toes, the soles, and in some instances the sides and the upper portion of the foot.

  • Normally, the infected part may appear red and damp. There is also itchiness and the skin may crack and peel off. Athlete’s foot is usually experienced by people who always have wet feet, which could be due to their occupation or when wearing a poorly ventilated shoe.
  • Though the name insinuates that it is commonly experienced by athletes, everyone else can be infected by stepping on the gym floor, the public shower, or sharing shoes with someone who has the fungi.
  • One way to prevent having the infection is to keep the feet dry. After taking a bath, the feet should be thoroughly dried before putting on shoes or socks. The socks should be worn fresh and they should be changed daily.
  • Treatment on mild infection may just be in a few days, but for those who constantly get the infection, it may take from weeks to months before responding to the treatment. There are over-the-counter antifungal creams and ointments, but getting a doctor’s prescription is still the best.

Fighting the Irritation

Itchy toes can be irritating, and a person experiencing them would do anything just to be relieved. Scratching the toes can cause more harm. What you can do is to soak the feet in warm water can give a temporary relief. But the most important remedy would be to identify what causes the itching.

  • Sweat and moisture can cause itchiness.
  • An ill-fitting shoe is not only painful to the foot, but it can also cause the feet to get raw.
  • Dry skin can also cause itchy toes, and there are several reasons why they become dry like conditions such as eczema and dermatitis.

There can be a number of reasons why one gets itchy toes. Some would be due to some minor infections, and others can be caused by severe exposure to some fungi. Taking care of the feet can be the best way to avoid having itchy toes in the future.