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Itchy Thigh Causes and Remedies

I am suffering from itchy thigh around my groin. Could you please give me an advice as to what could be causing it?

  • Allergy to clothing could be the reason of your itchiness. Some cloth materials could cause skin irritation. What may be fine textile for others is causing you a lot of skin trouble. Check your underwear garment and pants for possible irritants.
  • It could also be an adverse reaction to a medication you are taking. Seek your doctor’s professional statements as to the possible adverse effects of the medicine you are taking.
    You can actually ask him to reconsider it in light of your skin irritation.
  • You could be allergic to the shampoo or soap you are using. In fact, it could be due to allergy to detergent soap that was used in washing your clothes. Be sure to rinse your clothes well and your body too during washing and bathing, respectively.
  • Women are susceptible to fungal infection around the groin area because of the moistness of their vagina. Other causes could be common infections, measles, eczema, chicken pox, and worse psoriasis. There are men and women who suffer from itchy thigh or eczema on thighs because of poor hygiene.

What are the best possible preventive measures for itchy thigh?

  • Keep your groin area dry and clean to eradicate possible growth of fungi. Do not share towels or clothes with people. Avoid at all costs any sexual contact with individuals currently affected or else the itch would be passed on to you.
  • Wear clothes made of organic materials such as cotton to afford you skin greater comfort and breathability that will lessen perspiration. Do not use tight underwear or pants because they will irritate your thigh and might lead to skin chapping.
  • Use anti-fungal cream to protect the area around the groin and your thigh from itch. You could even use powder to keep the area dry and free from perspiration to protect it from fungal infection. Protection is the best remedy from itch.

Relief From Itchy Thigh

  • Immediately increase your intake of vitamin A and Z plus zinc to aid your skin’s ability to regenerate or repair damaged cells. You must drink vitamin C too in order to boost your immunity system so that your body could fight off the fungal infection.
  • Wash the afflicted area with lukewarm water and mild soap. Cover it with bandage material and apply the necessary ointment. As much as possible spray it with antiseptic to cleanse it. Keep it away from moisture and much heat because the itch will worsen.