What Causes Itchy Burning Bumps? Natural Remedies For Skin Rash

Itchy burning bumps in medical terms is called as urticaria or more commonly called as rash. Urticaria or rash, the formation of weal and flare lesions in the skin, is an anaphylactic phenomenon which can develop as a result of absorption of antigen through the intestinal tract.

Common allergens are present in strawberries, nuts, eggs and shellfish. Allergens in food can also cause rash. Heat or cold pressure, exercise, jaundice, pregnancy, intestinal worms and medicines (painkillers, antibiotics, anti-hypertensive and codeine are some of them) can cause rash.
Rash often occurs alone, but may be associated with other signs of anaphylaxis.

Not all rashes are caused by immune reaction; the pharmacological agents which cause urticaria can be released by other means, especially physical agents such as trauma or cold. Rashes usually last for less than 24 hours.

Natural Remedies for Skin Rashes

  • Look for the causative agent if possible, as it is difficult to find what causes allergic rash.
  • Worms are very common factor for red itchy bumps and so the affected person should be de-wormed.
  • Mustard oil should be applied mixed with salt in case of acute episode.
  • Sour things are to be avoided.
  • Drink plenty of water, as the toxins released in the blood which cause rash are removed from the body.
  • A good remedy for itchy burning bumps or bumpy skin rashes condition is turmeric. This is to be dried and then ground to make a powder form. Turmeric powder is also available but freshly made powder is preferred. Take half a teaspoon of turmeric powder and mixed with water should be taken two times a day till the rash subsides.

Red itchy bumps or rash can be due to systemic disturbance and first that has to be ruled out as it can cause medical emergencies. After that one can continue with the above given measures for its healing.

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  1. bernie klassen said:

    I have a skin problem that no website has identified…there is no rash, there are no red bumps,,the bumps are invisible, yet I can feel them inside my skin and when they mature(disappear), a round egg? or scab will be dug out of them It is not scabies—those treatments do not work! The itch comes in 3 forms-a crawling sensation (like an insect crawling across your skin), a volcano of itch that slowly builds up (or goes away sometimes)that needs to be scratched eventually, or a piercing itch(like you’ve just been stabbed by a needle) the itch goes away instantly after scratching(unlike scabies)but it will instantly reappear in another location (head to bottom of feet)lately the worst has been in my eyelashes…my Doctors creams and lotions have not solved anything…and I am not unique,,my brother has the same problem, and the only solution we have found is Alcohol, the itching on my skin usually occurs at night, when trying to sleep(typical of scabies but NOT) Alcohol seems to allow you to fall asleep before the itching starts, and body temperature has a lot to do with it.

    August 30, 2009

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