Irritated Skin & Bumps From Shaving: Home Remedies For Skin Rash

Irritated skin and bumps after shaving is called as allergic rash or urticaria from irritation of the skin and hair follicles of the beard. You have to observe whether irritated skin and bumps are from when you have started shaving or it is a recent episode.

If the irritation of the skin is from the start it is because your skin is sensitive and causes reaction pattern which is characterized by the presence of swelling (bumps). This condition requires treatment. Secondly, if the irritation of skin and bumps formation is a recent episode and is caused due to change in the shaving material it should be changed.

How To Reduce Skin Irritation & Rashes From Shaving?

For your previous condition you should follow the following remedies which will help in reducing the skin irritation and bumps formation.

  • Hydration: This is very important in people affected with irritation of skin and allergies to it. Drink plenty of water and keep yourself well hydrated. This helps in removal of toxins from the body which causes allergic reaction.
  • De-worming is very important as it is an important cause of skin rash.
  • In acute cases mustard oil should be applied over the affected area.
  • Things which are helpful in purification of blood such as vitamin C which is present in food articles such as Gooseberry and other citrus fruits like lemon and oranges should be included in the diet.
  • Ample fresh fruits and vegetables, plenty of water and good, sound sleep provide natural nourishment to skin.

Natural Remedies For Skin Irritation And Bumps

  • Salt is very beneficial in case of urticaria. Salt (approximately 12 grams) should be taken and dissolved in water and should be taken internally. This is very helpful in cases where the cause of urticaria is due to digestive disorder.
  • Rose water and vinegar are tested and proven remedies for the cases of skin rash. Rose water (35ml) and vinegar (25ml) should be mixed together. This preparation should be applied over the area of skin irritation and bumps.
  • Mint is very useful in the condition of itching along with skin rash. About 7 gm of mint and 25 gm of brown sugar (unrefined sugar) should be boiled and this should be taken twice a day when there is skin irritation and bumps.