Blemish Removal from Face | Control Facial Black Blemishes


I have black blemishes on my face (above my lips), and am on a vitamin C treatment . The results are slow, but,  it works really well. Can you please suggest what I should eat or apply, that will help me get rid of the blemishes faster.


Reduce Face Blemish

  • What vitamin C treatment are you on to? Tables? Shots? Vitamin C will definitely help you. Vitamin C is especially vital for the maintenance of the structure and health of the skin. The chief function of vitamin C is the synthesis of collagen, the main protein of the body.
    Thus, sufficient intake of vitamin C promises a beautiful and blemish free skin.
  • To supplement your existing therapy, I shall recommend to you some foods that are called ‘skin foods’, due to their ability to improve the skin’s texture and can greatly lighten the skin’s tone. ensure that your diet has plenty of these foods – limes, sweet limes, oranges, goose berries, red and yellow bell peppers, guavas, broccoli and Brussels sprouts. These foods are loaded with vitamin C. Thus, stepping up their intake will greatly improve your skin, and drive away dark spots.
    Additionally, these foods have plenty of anti-oxidants which are highly beneficial for the skin, since they fight free radicals, which are known to have a damaging effect on the skin.
  • Avoid using any synthetic creams or bleaches. They will do more damage than good, and in some cases, may even be counter productive. So, stay away from them.
  • Applying lime juice or gram flour as a pack is recommended. These are natural skin lightening agents, and can be used liberally. Apply them once, everyday, to see speedy results.