Ganglion Cyst Removal Treatment | Ganglion Cyst on Finger Cure

Question: Can a cyst appear on the top middle finger knuckle?


A ganglion is the commonest occurring cystic swelling.
Predominantly, it occurs on the dorsum (that is the back) of the wrist. Although, this is the commonest site of occurrence, ganglions could occur at other sites as well.

Causes of ganglion cyst:

  • A ganglion occurs from the mucoid degeneration of the tendon sheath or the joint capsule.
  • Trauma could be a probable cause.
  • So also, over use of the hand.

It is of essence that the swelling be examined.

Ordinarily, there are no ganglion symptoms, other than the swelling itself.

Sometimes, a mild discomfort or pain in the hand and over the swelling is experienced.

Occasionally, the cyst may become so tense, that it resembles a solid tumor.

What are the symptoms you’re having?
Is there any pain?
Is the swelling soft or tough?
Does it affect your motility?

Ganglion Cyst Treatment:

  • Aspiration of the cyst is usually performed.
  • An injection – hylase is given, to speed up cure ganglion cyst.
  • If the ganglion recurs frequently, a surgical excision needs to be done.
  • Homoeopathic medicine – bryonia 30, taken 5 times a day for 2 weeks, dissolves the swelling and edema.
    Along with the medication it is necessary that you give the hand adequate rest.