Natural Remedies for Facial Warts | Cure, Get Rid of Warts on Face

What are Warts?

  • Warts on face are called as contagious warts. Face warts are also called as viral warts.
  • These are benign in nature and they are called as verruca vulgaris in medical terminology.
  • Viral warts are commonly seen on face, neck, hands or body. Face warts are hard, irregular or round and can be dark or skin colored. Face warts can wary in size (these can range from a size of pinhead to a size of a bean).
  • These types of warts usually occur on the region which is constantly under friction. Spread of these types of warts usually can occur by constantly picking them, trimming or constantly touching them.
  • There are three types of warts especially flat warts, digitate warts (dark colored with finger like projections) and filiform warts (long, slender growths usually appear on eyelids, armpits and neck). Flat warts are usually seen on the face.
  • As any infection is caused due to lowered vitality and reduced resistance of the body, warts are also seen in these individuals.

Home Remedies for Facial Warts

  • Garlic can be used to see off the facial warts. Cut a thin section of garlic and place it on the warts by trying to avoid touching the normal skin.
    Place this overnight and carry this out for two to three nights. Facial wart should fall out within a week.
  • For large facial warts one can carry out this procedure. Dissolve as much washing soda in water as will stay in the solution and with cotton apply onto the wart for two minutes. Carry this out four times in a day and let it dry in the air.
  • Saltwater is also useful in treating facial warts. For preparing the solution one should follow this method. Add 1/2 teaspoon of salt to 1/2 cup of water. Soak the facial wart in this solution for 20min. carry this out two to three times in a day for 2-3 weeks.