Clogged Skin Pores Natural Treatments, Prevention | Unclog Skin Pores

Causes, Treatments of Clogged Skin Pores:

Clogged pores of the skin are most often because of over secretion of oil from the glands present on the skin. These glands are called as sebaceous glands. These glands are constantly secreting discharge which is oily and keeps the skin away from dirt and toxins getting lodged over the surface. But when the secretion of the oil from these glands increases they clog the pores and results in enlarged pores.
There are many factors which can cause this condition. Main factor now-a-days is faulty eating habits, stress, hormonal imbalance or change in activity of hormones, pregnancy, hot weather etc.

those females who take pills for birth control also are prone to increased secretion of sebum leading to clogged pores.

Preventing Clogged Skin Pores:

One should wash the face at least 3-4 times in a day with normal water and twice with soap. This helps in constant cleaning of the oil and avoid clogging of skin pores.
Eating habits should be regularized. Take meals on regular time and intervals. Water intake should be adequate to hydrate your skin and body.
Things which one should completely avoid in this condition are- dairy and milk products, red meat, sugar based food, aerated drinks like colas and things which causes allergy.

Avoid as little make-up as possible till you are cured of your condition.
Tobacco in any form is harmful for your skin pores.

Home Remedies for Clogged Skin Pores:

  • Fruits and raw vegetables are excellent home remedies for this condition. All fresh fruits (especially watery fruits such as oranges, watermelon, sweet lime, pineapples etc) are beneficial in this condition. Along with one should eat legumes, whole grains, seeds and nuts.
  • Lecithin is helpful to unclog skin pores. Lecithin helps break apart the oil and remove it from the system. Granulated lecithin is available and this can be taken in dose of one teaspoon every day.
  • Tea can be prepared with herbs which have astringent properties which helps remove the oil and dirt from the skin. Take sage, peppermint or yarrow for this purpose.
  • Fuller’s mud is used for removing excess of from the skin. A mud mask is prepared with adding little water to Fuller’s mud. Apply it over the face. On can add rose water in it for added benefits.

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