Boil Treatment: Causes and Cures for Skin Boils

Boils are infections that are usually the result of entry of Staphylococcus bacteria through broken skin.They are evidenced by a firm core of infection and mild to severe inflammation of the local skin area. Boils often appear in isolation and are called furuncles. Multiple furuncles are called carbuncles. While boils can happen to anyone, some people may be more susceptible. For example, people with compromised immunity of who are malnourished may be more vulnerable to boils. Boils may go away on their own eventually, but some may require more extensive treatment.

Boils are also highly contagious, so its important to avoid touching the area or letting anyone else become exposed to the infection. One should be careful about boils on knee as it is on the joint.

Boils Treatment

Doctors treating boils may recommend using hot packs to increase circulation and a boil cream to bring the boil to a head. In addition, they may prescribe antibiotics. In the event of a severe boil or carbuncles, surgical intervention may be suggested. Boils may also be accompanied by fever or chills and a doctor may tell the patient to take a fever reducer.

Natural boil treatment may start with making some dietary changes. For instance, increasing fiber and intake of water may help detoxify the system. Avoiding other foods such as white bread and sugar may also be indicated. Foods rich in vitamin A and that are zinc enriched are healing to the skin. Squash, sweet potatoes are good sources of A and oysters and sunflower seeds are zinc filled. Vegetable juices may help eliminate harmful toxins. Good juices for this purpose include carrot and celery.

Garlic, golden seal, burdock and Echinacea are herbs that may bring some relief from an outbreak of boils. Tea tree oil may be useful placed directly on the boil. Other topical salves and treatments may reduce the duration of a boil infection. Turmeric and ginger made into a paste can be used as a drawing salve that will help bring the boil to a head and eventually breaks and drains.


  1. PAT PETERS said:

    I just found out that my daughter-in law is 2 months pregnant. she has boils on her body. she is under medical care. I was wondering if the bacteria in the skin and the medications she’s taking could harm the baby.

    January 16, 2009
  2. S B said:

    What are Boils?

    It is a skin sore that is pus filled, inflamed and painful. Firstly under the skin a nodule is formed that gradually develops into a pus-filled reddish sore that eventually bursts and drains.
    Symptoms of Boils

    * Skin on the face, neck, armpit or buttocks develop a pea-size lump filled with pus, that is tender to touch and is red in appearance having a tip or head accompanied by fever occasionally.

    Causes of Boils

    * When the oil glands of the hair are infected with bacteria inflammation of the skin begins.
    * The bacteria can spread to other family members through skin breaks, scratches and cuts.
    * Poor hygiene, certain industrial chemicals, cortico-steroids, diabetes and suppressed immune system are also other causes.

    Home remedies for Boils

    1. Re-infection can be prevented, by washing the area thoroughly with water and soap. Apply anti-bacterial ointment and cover the boil with a sterile gauze bandage. Change the bandage daily.
    2. Ibuprofen, naproxen or aspirin helps to relieve inflammation and pain.
    3. Make a hot-wet compress of cotton cloth dipped into hot water and wrung out. For 10minutes gently apply the compress on and off. Repeating this 3 times a day will help to relieve swelling and pain. Finally the boil ruptures and drains.
    4. Infected matter will penetrate deeper into the skin when squeezed, so avoid it.

    How can one prevent Boils

    1. If you are prone to boils use antibacterial agent in your bath regularly. Keep, site of the boil, very clean. Don’t share your clothing, bedding or towels with anyone to avoid bacterial spread.
    2. Raise your body’s resistance power to stop the boils from recurring.

    February 5, 2009
    • Daneilla Rondenelli Loonam said:

      I had 3 on my knee when I was in high school. A lot of years ago. They treat them differently now I am sure. I also had to have them lanced but before that they had me put hot compresses on so they would come to a head and the infection would not spread as much. It hurt when the core came out. Now they lance them like you had done then they just got it to a head and squeezed gently. Very contagious.

      March 6, 2009
  3. A S J said:

    Hi I am 24 years old I was suffering a boil last year till now. I have a boil with just small redness and is hard. I been to the Doctor for surgery. Then it back again when I stop taking tablets. I was taking a tablet called Amoclav. What the a permanent and natural home remedy for treating boils. I am really scared to go back again for surgery as I already have a scar on my legs. I am looking for some herbal or natural healing for my boils.

    July 2, 2009
  4. midnight said:

    I have had boils for years and I was wondering what can you do to stop them from coming. I have had boils just about everywhere and I am sick of them because they are painful boils. The doctor gave me some cream to put on my nose to try and prevent them from coming. Don’t know if it work or not just started

    October 14, 2009
  5. Anonymous said:

    I get them right before my cycle as well!! I don’t know what they are caused from but they hurt so bad that the crease between my thigh and everything is so sore, I normally do hot compresses and I use different boil creams also ithanmol. its a black salve or sab as we say it works as well also you need to ask your doctor for antiobiotic called bactrin and a cream and do both and it takes the infection out the body but when you find more on it would love to know!

    May 3, 2010

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