Blisters Treatment: Cure Itchy Blisters on Feet, Hand, Mouth, Tongue

What are Blisters? Why do they appear most on feet, tongue, mouth and hands

Loose or raised area of the skin due to the accumulation of the fluid, under the outer layer is called blister. If the outer layer of the skin ruptures then the skin underneath can become painful. You can have blisters on your feet, hands, mouth, tongue. These blisters can sometime be very itchy making you and your skin very uncomfortable. Blisters tend to appear in areas that have most friction.

Symptoms of Blisters

  • Raised areas of the skin (filled with fluid) that is tender to touch.

Causes of Blisters

  • One of the most common causes is friction, due to improper fitting of the socks or shoes. Shoes and sandals with straps; allergic reaction to plants and insects, burns and cold sores are other causes.

Home remedies for Blisters

  1. Never try to puncture a blister unnecessarily. If it accidentally ruptures then wash it with soap and water and bandage it lightly.
  2. To relieve blister from a pressure bearing spot, cover it with a moleskin pad with a hole out in the middle.
  3. Puncture a blister (only if it hurts when you walk) with a sterile needle, squeeze the fluid out and cover it with sterile, tight bandage and avoid dampness.
  4. Avoid tight fitting shoes or you may end up with burning feet sensation.

How can one prevent Blisters

  1. Your feet should be kept dry with foot-powder; wear socks that wicks moisture away.
  2. To reduce friction and to protect blister-prone areas use petroleum jelly, breathable adhesive tape, moleskin or foot-powder. For blisters on the hand use gloves for protection.
  3. Buy shoes that fit you properly .