Healthy Diet For Beautiful Skin: Foods To Eat For A Healthy Skin

Great beauty begins from the inside and radiates out to the world through healthy, glowing skin. Diet is one of the most basic things that an individual can regulate to get the type of skin that they want. Diet for a beautiful skin is composed of natural, fresh and whole foods that digest well and contribute needed nutrients, vitamins and compounds to skin.

In addition, these foods should help the body rid itself of toxins that wreak havoc on complexions. There are many diets in the market that focus on achieving a healthy weight.

Interestingly many of the recommendations to obtain the optimum weight also apply to achieve balance healthy skin and hair.

Benefits Of Healthy Diet For Beautiful Skin

Foods that have high levels of fat are responsible for unhealthy insulin responses as well as sugar swings. Both of these elements may age skin prematurely. Examples of bad fats are hamburger and bacon which have a high fat to protein ratio. According to Richard Asarch, a dermatologist who wrote the book The Beautiful Skin Diet, some carbohydrates may also lead to skin damage.

For example, carbohydrate consumption may lead to higher than desirable levels of glucose.

Glucose may harm skin by triggering inflammation. Eating lean meats and fish may be a practical means to get the benefits of protein without the burden of excessive fat.

In addition, foods high in fiber may help eliminate waste and toxins that accumulate in the system. A diet meant for beautiful skin should include leafy green vegetables and other seasonal vegetables that will load the body with antioxidants. Your food should consist of vitamin A, E and C. All the three are skin friendly vitamins.

Drinking plenty of fresh, pure water will also aid in digestion and elimination of toxins from the body. Water also hydrates the skin and prevents dryness. However, drinking ice cold water or water with meals may actually impede digestion.

Ayurvedic tradition also suggests that foods compliment the season in which they are to be eaten. For instance spicy foods in the heat of summer may lead to outbreaks of acne and inflammation. Eating nutritive food will make your face glow with health and vitality.

What Food To Eat For Healthy Skin?

Below are given some of the important foods that will make your skin radiant and beautiful.

  • Strawberries: Strawberry is full of vitamin C. Vitamin C is a healthy skin food. Eat strawberries to ward of aging and skin wrinkles. Vitamin C is useful in production of collagen. Collagen plays an important role in keeping the skin firm.
  • Tomatoes contain a substance called lycopene. The red color is due to lycopene. This substance protects the skin from UV damage caused due to sun exposure.
  • Salmon, mackerel, sardines, trout, contains high amount of omega 3 fatty acids. This fatty acid is beneficial in maintaining skin elasticity. Omega 3 fatty acid also keeps the skin well moisturized. Omega 3 is also abundant in flax seeds.
  • Avoid eating fried foods, dairy products that contain saturated fats and too much meat. They may trigger dryness of skin, premature aging etc.
  • Eat foods that are rich in tryptophan. Tryptophan is a protein which helps in producing sleep inducing substance melatonin. Eat tryptophan rich foods such as cottage cheese, yogurt, seafood, brown rice, lentils, wholegrain, walnut and hazelnut.
  • Proper eight hour sound sleep is necessary for healthy skin.

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