Causes Of Baby Skin Rashes: Natural Skin Care Products For Babies

Babies are susceptible to a wide assortment of rashes and skin irritations. For example, diaper rash is very common and as a rule poses no long term health risk. Baby skin rashes are often the result of accumulated contact with moisture, or fecal matter.

They can also be due to fungus and viral infections. Rashes may also be attributed to oil in the skin or like cradle cap and also may have no known cause.

What Causes Baby Skin Rashes?

  • Diaper dermatitis (diaper rash) shows up as patches of inflamed, reddened skin. It is generally associated with prolonged contact of a baby’s skin to fecal matter and urine. Sometimes a fungal infection called Candida is implicated in diaper rash as well.
  • Babies that are formula fed may experience more outbreaks of diaper rash than breast fed babies because their waste matter may contain more irritating enzymes and other byproducts.
  • Diaper rash may be minimized by using diapers that are absorbent. This type of baby skin rash also responds well to frequent diaper changes and the use of ointments made from zinc, or petroleum jelly.
  • Fungus may also lead to tinea. Tinea that affects the scalp is called tinea capitis, and when it is on the body, it is called tinea corporis, also known as ringworm.
    Baby skin rashes that are caused by fungal growth are treated with anti-fungal creams. These creams may elicit an allergic reaction in some infants, so caution using them may be advised.
  • Eczema is another condition that may lead to a baby skin rash. There is no known cause of eczema although there may be a genetic factor. For instance, in families with a history of allergies, there may be an elevated risk that offspring develops eczema.
  • Cradle cap is another rash with mysterious origins. Cradle cap and its associated red and yellow rash, is considered harmless and common. Regular shampooing and the use of mineral oil can help significantly.
  • Viral infections like molluscum contagiosum and roseola are also common and treatable.

Natural Skin Care Products For Babies

Natural baby skin care includes using skin products that help keep baby’s skin clean, dry and moisturized without using harsh chemicals that may damage delicate skin. There is a wide assortment of natural products that effectively treat and tend to the unique needs of infants. For instance, natural baby care products address skin rashes and irritations without using harsh detergents, petroleum or colors and dyes. Diaper rash treatments that use tea tree oil and lavender oil is one example of the types of products available.

Why are so many care givers concerned about only using natural baby skin care? There is evidence that suggests some commonly used infant products may actually do more harm than good for baby skin leading to or aggravating skin conditions like cradle cap, rashes and infant acne. The differences between adult skin and baby skin can help to illustrate why some baby products can be so damaging.

When a new born comes into the world, their skin develops a protective barrier. This barrier keeps out many harsh environmental elements like allergens and bacteria. Harsh skin care products may strip a baby’s skin of much of that protection and may increase the likelihood that damage can occur. Very young infants and premature babies may be at a higher risk.

Petroleum based creams are another example of how a commonly used baby product may actually create problems in some case. Petroleum jelly can block pores and that can lead to a build of sebum and oils in a baby’s skin. This can lead to irritation, inflammation and the possible build up of the bacteria responsible for acne.

A natural product may use cocoa butter or olive oil as its base for moisturizers or creams. Natural baby skin care products offer an alternative to caregivers. They can avoid subjecting them to some of the risks associated with many commercial baby products.

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