Baby Skin Fungus causes infections and Tinea, Candida

Fungus can lead to irritating rashes and skin conditions on a baby’s soft, delicate flesh. There are two forms of fungus that commonly lead to infections in babies. These are dermatophytes that leads to tinea, and Candida. Generally these infections are harmless and easily treated though they can be a troublesome irritation for both parents and child.

Tinea can affect the body and the scalp as well. Tinea infections are named after different parts of the body that are impacted. On the body it often takes the form of ring worm (tinea corporis).

When ring worm occurs on a baby’s face it is called tinea faciale. In this form it spreads out into a circle of inflamed, red flesh. In the center of the ring healthy flesh in unaffected.

Tinea on the scalp ( tinea capitis)can create a rash and can also lead to changes in the texture of the hair and may also result in local loss of hair. On occasion accumulated fungus can cause another baby skin fungus where a mass forms called a kerion. This fungal infection as well as others may require anti-fungal treatments and topical solutions to get rid of the problem.

In addition, scalp tinea is a bit trickier to treat than ring worm.

Treating fungal infections should begin with prevention. Keeping the baby clean and dry will help offset problems. Keeping baby skin moisturized with moisture barrier lotions is another solid preventative measure. Baby skin fungus often thrives in warm, damp areas so combating these conditions may make a significant difference. In addition, baby skin fungus can be spread from person to person via direct contact with other people or even the family pet. If an outbreak of a fungus coincides with the arrival of a new pet, having the animal checked out by a vet is advisable.


  1. Rosalyn said:

    Can babies be affected with toenail fungus? If they can, what toenail fungus cure can be applied? I suppose using the cures suggested for older people may not be a good idea. How does one cure this skin infection in children?

    June 6, 2009
  2. Kate said:

    My baby has a fungal infection in various patches all over his body, he has had this for around 4 months and no ointments or creams the doctor prescribed is helping, any suggestions? Is there anything I can do to help at home?

    May 7, 2010
  3. angie said:

    My baby had a heat rash and I put Desitin diaper ointment. It went away but now shes left with a discoloration with her normal skin color and lighter patches too. Will it even out on its own or did I scar my baby’s skin for life? She is 3 months old.

    September 3, 2010

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