Adhesive Tape Allergy: Treatment for Allergy from Glue, Adhesive Tape

Home Remedies for Allergic Reactions of Adhesive Tape or Glue

Allergy in general is the immune system’s hypersensitivity to contact with certain surfaces or materials such as adhesive tapes or glue resulting to allergic rashes, itching, and skin redness. Allergy is a mysterious body reaction, and one of its most notable characteristic is the difficulty to point out which specific chemical component caused the allergic reaction.

The source of allergy can only be determined through laboratory tests. Generally, there is no cure for allergies such as glue allergy. The only thing you can do is manage the symptoms and look at the possible source of the allergic reaction and start managing the condition from there.

Treatment for Allergic Reactions

There are many ways to manage allergic reaction to adhesive tape and glue allergy. Fore mostly, knowing that your body adversely reacts every time you get close contact with adhesive tape or glue, then the most practical way to prevent allergic reaction is of course, to avoid touching objects or materials with adhesive tape or pieced together with glue. Avoiding contact with the source of allergy would prevent you from getting blisters or inflamed skin surfaces. Other practical treatment for allergic reactions to adhesive tape and glue include:

  • If using adhesive tape or glue is really necessary, opt for paper tapes instead because paper tapes are made from organic materials making them less allergy causing.
  • Use hand gloves whenever there is a need for you to use adhesive tapes or glue.
  • Before getting in contact with the allergen, coat your hands with aloe vera sap for protection. Aloe vera sap will act as your invisible organic glove that will separate you from the allergen.
  • Should your skin forms rashes and swelling, try rubbing some ice cube on the infected area or cover your hands with an ice pack to reduce the inflammation and swelling.
  • Drinking plenty of water will also help in hydrating your body thus making your healing process faster. A moisturized and healthy skin is also less likely to acquire allergies as it fights off allergy causing substances.
  • Stress can also enhance the body’s susceptibility to allergens. In adhesive tape or glue allergy and in any allergic reactions, prevention is always better than cure. So to prevent getting allergies, try to relax amidst heavy work. Do not stress yourself physically and emotionally. Above all, consult a specialist of symptoms recur despite of your home remedies.