Syphilis Rash: Transmission, Symptoms And Treatment Of Syphilis

Syphilis is a STD that is caused by Treponema pallidum. Sores develop inside the mouth, on the lips, on the genitals and in the rectum and anus. The most prominent sign is the syphilis skin rash.

It is a highly contagious bacterial infection that is sexually transmitted. In the first 2 stages, it is treatable. If untreated, it exists in inactive form for few years and then takes on final stage that is destructive.

Transmission Of Syphilis

  • It is caused by bacterium that spreads primarily through sexual intercourse with a person who is in the primary or secondary stage of infection.
    The bacteria travel quickly and aggressively through the blood stream and lymphatic system. Late stage syphilis is non-infectious.
  • Syphilis is highly contagious and is transmitted via direct contact with the sore. However, it is not transferred through sharing of fomites, clothes or utensils.
  • Transmission occurs through oral, vaginal or anal intercourse.

Symptoms Of Syphilis

  • In the initial stage, lymph nodes get enlarged and swollen.
  • Fever, exhaustion, headaches, sore throat and genital warts develop.
  • Rash appears as red-brown lesions which spread to the entire body. The eruptions are flat or elevated. The rash may last for a few weeks to months.
  • The condition may aggravate considerably, if left untreated. Eventually, the bones, muscles and the vital organs may get affected.
  • The initial or primary stage is highly contagious and one or more painless sores appear on mouth, genitals or anus. Sores in men are more common and in women vaginal sores are rarely noticed.
  • The secondary stage occurs 6 weeks or several months after the appearance of the sores. It is characterized by fever, non-itching rash or syphilis rash and flu-like symptoms and enlargement of lymph nodes. The symptoms may appear, disappear and recur.
  • In the late stage, the bacteria become inactive and there are no symptoms.
    Syphilis can develop 10 years after the initial infection. The internal organs can be damaged leading to death. Infected mothers can pass the infection to newborns.

Syphilis Rash Treatment

The condition must be diagnosed through a blood test or by scrutinizing fluid from a sore.

The rash can be treated successfully if it is discovered in the primary / secondary stages. Penicillin is used to kill the syphilis bacteria. It is a powerful anti-biotic that helps eliminate the bacterium and alleviate the symptoms, thus preventing complications.

Additionally, it is essential that you go for regular follow ups. Also, abstinence is vital after the treatment is over. Once subsequent blood tests reveal normalcy, you can have sexual intercourse. Partners of the patient ought to be told about the infection and must start anti-biotic therapy after visiting the doctor.

Prevention of Syphilis

  • Before indulging in sex, ¬†get to know the health status of your partner.
  • Use a latex condom, every time you have a sexual intercourse.
  • If either of the partners suspect syphilis symptoms, consult a doctor at the earliest and seek treatment.
  • Persons having multiple sex partners, should get the syphilis test done annually.
  • After undergoing treatment, abstain from sexual intercourse for at-least 2 months.