How to Increase Sperm Count, Production Naturally | Raise Sperm Volume


How to increase sperm while having sex quantity is little bit low. Tell me what to do in this. And how to get a long lasting sex ability.


Increase Sperm Count

Sperm count has nothing to do with the overall sexual ability of an individual. Sperm count depends upon the ability of the testicle to produce the sperms. Here are a few recommendations to increase the sperm count:

  1. Avoid wearing tight undergarments and cloths. Excessive heat in the groin tends to interfere with the ability of the testicle to produce sperms. Tight clothing tends to increase the temperature and hamper the production of sperms.
  2. Wash the area with cold water on regular basis. Cold water will aid in reducing the temperature and improving the overall sperm count
  3. Frequent sexual intercourse or masturbation, tends to reduce the quantity of seminal fluid. Try abstinence for a couple of days before having sexual intercourse. The testicles produce limited amount of sperms and would take about a couple of days to ensure adequate sperms for ejaculation.
  4. Avoid bitter and spicy foods. They tend to have detrimental effect on the overall sexual ability of an individual. Also avoid mints, chewing gums which contain menthol.
    This tends to reduce the sexual drive and affect potency.
  5. Finally yoga and regular exercise will aid in improving the condition. It will enhance the levels of your energy and libido.