HPV Oral Transmission: Prevention Of Human Papilloma Virus

Human Papilloma Virus or HPV represents a group of viruses, which affect the mucus membrane and skin. There are 100 different strains of the virus with about 40 strains transmitted through sexual contact. HPV results in external lesions like warts. The incubation period can be as long as several years with genital HPV the most common infection.

HPV Oral Transmission

HPV is the human papilloma virus which is transmitted through sexual contact from one partner to another, during unprotected sex. The possibility of HPV transmission during oral sex is low. Only infection than can be transmitted by this route is herpes.

HPV can’t be transmitted through oral sex in either direction.

Oral Human Papilloma Virus Transmission

HPV is a sexually transmitted disease, which is transferred from one partner to another only through sexual contact. Similar to other sexually transmitted disease, which can be transmitted only through one route (i.e. unprotected sex), it can’t be transmitted via kissing or touching of the genital organs or otherwise.

Prevention Of HPV Transmission

Safe and protected sex is the only way in which the condition can be prevented. Unfortunately, there is no rule regarding how long it takes for an HPV infection to clear up, but if an individual doesn’t suffer from genital warts for a period of over one year, one can consider that the individual is no longer infected.

However, HPV is not transmitted orally and hence, as far as oral sex is considered, there is no preventive measure required.