Erectile Dysfunction In Middle Aged Men Causes And Natural Remedies

An erectile dysfunction or impotence as it was termed earlier is inability to achieve and maintain an erection of penis with sufficient firmness for sexual intercourse. Due to negative connotations for the word impotence, the condition is more commonly referred as erectile dysfunction or simply ED.

A single or occasional episode of failure to achieve erection need not be considered significant. Failure of more than 25% of opportunities is considered diagnostic of erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction in middle aged and elderly men is one of the commonest sexual problems. As age advances, the incidence of ED also increases, however it can occur at any age.

An estimated 5 percent of American men suffer from erectile dysfunction problem at the age of 40. Among those over the age of 60, the percentage increases to 15 to 20 percent.

While most of the cases can be treated satisfactorily, vast numbers of middle aged men do not seek medical assistance due to fear and embarrassment, while few others believe that nothing can be done with medication.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction In Middle Aged Men?

The causes of erectile dysfunction are complex; they are physical as well as psychological. Sexual myths and performance anxiety also play an important role in this regard.

Some of the causes of erectile dysfunction in men are:

  • Secondary impotence accounts for 85 to 90 percent patients, while the rest is primary impotence.
  • There are many physical factors that attribute to erectile dysfunction. Local abnormalities of genitals such as phimosis, hydrocele, spinal cord trauma, and surgery in the pelvis region are few of them.
  • To get an erection, it needs an interaction between nerves, blood vessels, brain and hormones. Any problem in them can interfere in normal erection.
  • Diminished secretion of testosterone hormone, heart disease, diabetes, thyroid or pituitary disorders may be of significance.
  • The side effects of certain medications can cause erectile dysfunction. These medications are tranquilizers, blood pressure medicines, anti depressants, anti diabetic.
  • Alcohol, cigarette smoking, nicotine can also cause erectile dysfunction in middle age men.
  • There is certain amount of erectile dysfunction noted after prostate surgery or in prostate enlargement.
  • Sexual problems like difficulty in ejaculation, premature ejaculation, and retrograde ejaculation can be a reason for ED in middle aged men.
  • Psychological problems include; ignorance and misunderstanding about sex, problems in relations between wife and husband or between partners, poor self esteem, negative attitude towards sex, or adverse circumstances such as stress, depression, anxiety.

Natural Remedies For Erectile Dysfunction

Frequent and chronic erectile dysfunction is unlikely to improve without intervention, particularly in middle aged men. Now there are proven treatments for erectile dysfunction, but due to lack of knowledge and embarrassment, many men do not prefer to take treatment which leads to emotional distress.

Before starting the treatment, it is necessary to differentiate patients of erectile dysfunction due to organic cause or due to functional origin.

  • Exercise regularly: Exercise regulates your circulation and it is important to do moderate exercise such as a walk for about 30 minutes. Just as in other parts of the body, exercise also benefits and improves the blood flow in the arteries of penis and that helps in erection.
  • Limit alcohol and cigarette intake: Increased uptake of both decreases libido.
  • Reduce stress: Poor erection can be due to fear, anxiety, tension of day to day life, business worries etc. Try relaxation techniques such as yoga or meditation.
  • Lose weight: Obesity also causes poor erection. Losing weight is ideal for obese person suffering from erectile dysfunction.
  • Relieve anxiety: Adequate explanation, encouragement, a leisure holiday (with wife and without children) away from the town allows the couple to spend quality time.

Besides the above home remedies, certain medications are also available to improve erection, but they have to be taken under proper medical supervision especially for middle aged men.