When Does Depression Lifts: Post Depression Recovery Symptoms

Question: Can a depressed person tell when the depression is lifting? Will the person have any symptoms when the depression has ended?

Depression Lifting Symptoms

The sufferer cannot tell when the depression is going to lift and he may probably be the last person to realize it. A depressed person is often unaware of his behavior and the way others react to it. Doctors seem to know of his behavior with the help of the reports and co-operation from the patient’s family and friends. These can be used to find out the activity the individual enjoys and the amount of time spent by the individual on various activities.

This provides excellent scope for improvement.

Simultaneously, there are purely imaginary responses. In severely depressed people when the treatment starts to show effect, they feel that a black cloud surrounding them has finally cleared. Some researchers support the concept of roll back phenomenon. According to this, when depression is reducing many of the symptoms and stages disappear in the opposite order in which it developed. However this is not supported by strong evidence.

Post Depression Symptoms

The sufferer may continue to exhibit residual symptoms frequently even after the depressive episode has ended. But the intensity is rather mild.

The individual may still face trouble sleeping or shows a tendency towards irritation.

There are important differences between people who have recovered recently from depression and people without any depression history. Many of the recovered depressives continue to have symptoms of anxiety and depression; and have difficulty in solving problems, social adjustment and quick understanding