Histrionic Personality Disorder Symptoms And Treatment

The meaning of word Histrionic is dramatic or theatrical. An individual with histrionic personality disorder is emotionally immature, self centered and acts in a dramatic manner to seek attention of others. A histrionic personality depends on others admiration, he always prefers to be a center of attention, and when it is not met, he becomes uncomfortable. In fact they sometimes develop ploys to ensure their overwhelming desire to seek attention. In society, these people are often labeled as shallow and cold. They do not posses sense of loyalty, and they move from one person to other to seek constant praise.

A histrionic personality person is often impressive at first sight. But this impression is short lived, because their intellectual shallowness is easily detected during the depth of conversation. People having this trait usually view themselves as socially likable and friendly, they can acquaint with many people, but they have very few friends. This disorder is more common in women than in men. It usually starts developing in early adulthood.

The exact cause of this disorder is unknown, but many professionals believe it to be related to genetic inheritance. Early childhood situational factors can also precipitate in developing hysterical personality disorder symptoms as they grow.

Symptoms Of Histrionic Personality Disorder

People with histrionic personality disorder can interact efficiently with people at highest level. They are expert in reading the mood of others; this allows them to assess what action should be taken to get the desired outcome.

  • A person becomes uncomfortable if people do not pay attention towards him.
  • Women may try to look charming and flirtatious. Dress and behave provocatively.
  • Men are generally seductive and generous in praise.
  • They easily get influenced by other people.
  • They are dramatic and overly emotional. Their behavior is child like with exaggerated emotions.
  • Their reaction to people‚Äôs criticism is tremendous, it can precipitate child like temper tantrums.
  • They get easily bored with usual routine. They always want novelty and excitement.
  • Feels every relationship to be intimate, even if in actuality it is not.
  • They do not tolerate frustration and for this reason they move on quickly from the situation.
  • If the person is extremely popular during young age, he may rely to seek attention as he grows older in the same manner. When this is not met, he becomes dramatic and overly emotional even for small things.

Histrionic Personality Disorder Treatment

Many people suffering from histrionic personality disorder generally do not seek treatment, unless it starts affecting their life in a significant manner. Usually the diagnosis is made by the psychiatrist or a psychotherapist by proper history taking, evaluation of symptoms and its evolving pattern.

Patients seek treatment when they are emotionally traumatized. For example, failure in romance may lead to anxiety and depression, or conflicts in various aspects of life. The best treatment for this disorder is psychotherapy. This therapy involves talking with the patient, and making him realize his problems as well as motivating him to alter his behavior.

Medications may simultaneously become helpful for treating concurrent distressing symptoms such as anxiety and depression.

While treating the patient, the therapist has to walk on thin line. Patience and perseverance on the part of therapist and patient will help in eliminating the histrionic personality trait in an individual.