What Does Blocked Energy Mean? Some Natural Ways To Release It

During their life time, many people feel stagnated as if everything in their life has come to standstill. Nothing is moving and you have to follow the same routine every day. This is the moment when you experience low in energy or as if the energy in your body has been blocked. It’s the time to shake up and release the blocked energy at the level of your mind as well as physical body.

Human body as well as mind is fragile and it gets influenced easily by environmental as well as inner body triggers which stagnates the flow of energy.

These factors can be related emotionally causing anger, worry, fear, anxiety. Poor nutrition, sedentary living etc can manifest the symptoms of blocked energy at physical level.

Signs & Symptoms Blocked Energy

When you experience blocked energy at physical level, you may develop physical symptoms such as pain in joints, damage in various organs, diseases etc. At mental level, it may result in host of unpleasant emotions and host of other psychological disturbances. This energy is in the form of aura surrounding your physical body. When the inner energy is blocked you may have host of problems.

Basically the immune system of the body gets disturbed. You may suffer from cold and cough off and on. It may relate into joint problems such as knee pain and various other joint manifestations. This energy can also be termed as a vital force. It can also manifest in dermatological conditions ranging from eczema to much more serious psoriasis. At mental sphere mood changes, anxiety, worry, anger all can be manifested when your energy source is blocked.

Natural Ways To Release Blocked Energy

The first thing to shovel off blocked energy is to realize your inner personality.

You have to look within to find what the triggering factors are which block your energy. Realize and accept that pain and pleasure are two sides of the coin. Acknowledge your emotional pain without analyzing or any criticism. Once you accept the reality and accept it, half of your discomfort is gone.

Massage is one of the best techniques to lift up your spirit. It channelizes the energy to a resourceful arena. Massage preferably from opposite gender, may be your best friend, mother or a kid is invigorating for the impulses that have been subdued over long period of time. The three oils especially used are almond oil, olive oil and coconut oil.

Massage is not only beneficial in relaxing the body, but it also helps to relieve you from tensions and strains in your daily life. It acts on body as well on mind. Massage is beneficial to treat high blood pressure, headaches, backaches, insomnia, and various other circulatory disorders. It helps to remove the toxins that have gathered in the muscles. It also promotes calmness which is beneficial in people who have bouts of depression and anxiety.

Bathing since ancient times has been found beneficial in relaxing and soothing for body and mind. Hot water baths added with perfumed oils, mostly the essential oils eases aches and pains and it can also stimulate blocked energy. There is additional benefit of inhaling vapors of essential oil when they evaporate from the hot water.

Moving and exercising is a great way to restore your energy. Other activities like biking, swimming, dancing all contribute to remove blocked energy. A walk in garden full of flowers or a walk along the beach will help in changing your mood and energy level.