Anatidaephobia: Causes, Symptoms Of Fear Of Being Watched By A Duck

Anatidae is a Greek word meaning duck, geese or swan, and phobia means fear. Anatidaephobia is irrational fear felt by a person for duck, geese or swan etc.

Fear Of Being Watched By A Duck

A person suffering from anatidaephobia knows that his fear for ducks is irrational, but then too, the fear is so intense and fixed in his mind that the sight of duck or swan makes him anxious, leading to various symptoms. He rather starts thinking that all his actions are watched by the duck.

Anatidaephobia incapacitates a person living a regular life.

It hampers its performance at work, his social and personal life.

Causes Of Anatidaephobia

Let us know why the person suffers from Anatidaephobia.

The most probable cause of anatidaephobia is a real life trauma experienced by the person some time in his life by ducks or geese. He may have been bitten or flapped by the aggressive swan or geese mostly during childhood. This has created an intense and long lasting fear for swans, ducks etc.

Symptoms Of Anatidaephobia

The symptoms may be different from person to person. Some may have mild perspiration and anxiousness which subsides after some time, while in some the state of anxiety may be extreme leading to panic attacks.

  • Mouth becomes dry.
  • Breathlessness.
  • Tremors in hand and legs.
  • Person starts to breathe deeply.
  • Perspiration.
  • His systolic blood pressure is raised.
  • Feels as if trapped by the ducks and now he is unable to escape.

Anatidaephobia is self diagnosed and person requires consulting a doctor for his phobic behavior. The psychiatrist may advise self help techniques, cognitive behavior therapy, and meditation. With extreme symptoms he may require anti anxiety medications.