11 Ways To Sleep Better At Night: Not Getting Sound Sleep Causes

It is a known fact that sound sleep for intellectuals is more difficult than a small time laborer. Millions of people all over the world suffer from insomnia. After cold and headache non sleepers are most frequent visitors in clinics.

It is easy to get frustrated if you have disturbed sleep at night. Paradoxically, this very frustration and depression are responsible for preventing your sweet slumber. A sound sleep is essential for keeping good health. Lack of sleep drains a person’s energy as well as attentiveness. It also leads to weekend immune system triggering various infections and diseases.

Reasons For Not Getting Sound Sleep At Night

Not having sound sleep in modern age is a byproduct of abundance. Today’s lifestyle depends heavily on gadgets and electronic instruments for entertainment. People feel these items have made their life easier, perhaps too easy for a sound sleep in bed!

Our body is designed to do physical work for at least for seven to eight hours in a day. Unless a person does physical work, it is difficult for him to earn what he requires the most, sound sleep at night! For a better night sleep, you do not have to visit your doctor in most cases, instead start doing some manual work and forget all about sleep, it will come, and you do not have to bring it.

Here are some important tips for better sleep every night.

Natural Ways To Sleep Better At Night

  1. Avoid eating too much of sugary food in evening and at dinner time. Excess of sugar in blood triggers rise in insulin level in blood and it hampers sound sleep.
  2. Do any form of physical hard work inside your house instead of being a couch potato. Spend some time working in a garden or exercise in morning. A simple morning walk for 30 minutes or a cardio at gym will help you to switch on your snooze button at night. Any form of exercise or playing outdoor sports is beneficial for good night sleep.
  3. Drink one glass of warm milk before sleeping in bed. Milk contains melatonin, a chemical which is essential for maintaining circadian cycle. This chemical is also present in brain in its natural form which brings on sleep.
  4. Eat an apple or an orange or any fruit before going to bed. Fruits contain carbohydrate. A small amount of carbohydrate triggers melatonin in brain which is essential for better sleep at night.
  5. Avoid drinking coffee and tea 2 to 3 hours before your slumber. Both these beverages contain caffeine which initiates release of adrenaline into your system. Adrenaline causes more alertness and you may find dozing off difficult at the right moment.
  6. A cup of herbal tea before bed is effective for good night sleep. Chamomile tea or peppermint tea is found to be relaxing and soothing to the mind. It eases tension and mental stress that a person may have been through at his office or doing his routine work.
  7. Read some books or journals before going to bed. It helps to relax your mind and induces sleep.
  8. Use of smart phones has affected many people’s sleeping habits. People chat till midnight on their phone with friends or accomplishes. As a result their sleep is affected and they probably feel sleepy during daytime.
  9. You may be changing sides in your bed if you are not at peace within. Be more content as it simplifies life, reduces stress, and relaxes your body and soon you will start enjoying the most that you needed and that is a sound slumber.
  10. Take warm bath 4 to 5 hours before your bedtime. It helps to induce sound sleep.
  11. Finally try love making before bedtime. Even slightest snuggling or intimate kissing increases release of serotonin and ocytocin hormones, both of them make you feel relaxed and drowsy.

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