Vocal Nodule Symptoms: Home Remedies And Treatment for Vocal Nodule

Vocal Nodule Home Remedies

There are 2 pairs of vocal cords in the larynx. One pair is called false vocal cords, and the other pair is true vocal cords. Sound is produced when this pair of true vocal cords vibrates with the air that passes out of the lungs. When this pair of true vocal cords are irritated due to the abuse and misuse of the voice (i.e. excessive shouting and coughing), the cord enlarges. The enlargement of the vocal cord is called as vocal nodule.

Symptoms of Vocal Nodules

The vocal cord abuse and misuse leads to the formation of vocal nodule.

If the nodule develops, one may feel any of these vocal nodule symptoms:

  • There is a voice disorder such as hoarseness and harshness
  • Pain in the vocal cord when producing sound
  • The range of voice is affected
  • In severe cases where the nodule is fully grown, there is pain in the neck and from ear to ear.

Vocal Nodule Treatment

Before treating vocal nodules, it is best to know the causes of its formation. If the cause is in the misuse and abuse of voice, vocal nodule treatment and home remedies include the following:

  • Voice therapy
  • Nodule may shrink if the vocal cords are allowed to rest for several weeks.
  • Drinking plenty of water can help soothe the vocal cords.
  • You can talk without producing sound, where you can use your lips.

Eliminating the causes of vocal nodule formation is the best cure for vocal nodule. If it was formed due to some irritants, like smoking or allergies, then avoid smoking and get rid of the things that lead in developing vocal nodule. However, it is best to consult first your physician before taking any treatment to avoid any adverse effect.