Natural Home Remedies for Sore Nose | Prevent, Heal Sore Nose

Sore Nose Remedies:

Sore nose is usually caused due to congestion in the nasal passage. This congestion of the nasal passage leads to soreness. There can be associated watery or excoriating nasal discharge which worsens the symptom. Common cold is the most causative factor for this condition. Mucus can be present sometimes in the nostrils causing breathlessness.
Soreness of nose is also caused due to decreased immunity which is the case in viral attack.

Preventing Sore Nose:

Avoid all things which can aggravate the symptoms. Avoid smoke, fumes, chemicals, salt, spicy food, alcohol, pepper, pasteurized milk, sugary food, white flour and unhealthy food.

Avoid things which are indigestible.
Cold drinks and venturing out in cold aggravate the complaints.

Treatment for Sore Nose:

  • Take a liter of water. Boil it for 15mins. To this water add one teaspoon of salt. Take it in a bowl. Try putting this water through dropper in each nostrils (water should be warm while doing this). Put in one nostril at a time. Continue doing this till comes out from your mouth. Salt have mucus dissolving property. Do this procedure until both your nostrils are free of mucus.
  • One can add eucalyptus oil in water and take a steam inhalation from it.
    It helps relieve congestion and soreness of nose.
  • Herbal preparation for reducing soreness of nose– poplar bark and uva ursi is helpful in this condition. Take two parts of uva ursi and one part of poplar bark (white). Mix it well. One teaspoon of it added to one cupful of water (boiled). Drink this when hot. You can repeat this three times in a day till the soreness is reduced.
  • For increasing the immunity goldenseal is the choice of the remedy. Berberine if the principle substance of goldenseal. This helps activating the white cells in the blood which are useful for fighting the infection. It helps increasing your immunity. It should be made into tea and take two times in a day.
  • Cinnamon is timely remedy for treating sore nose. Powdered cinnamon (a teaspoon), pepper powder (a pinch of) are taken in a 200ml water. Boil it. Add 2 tsp honey. Stir well and take it two times in a day.