Natural Cure for Chest Congestion | Prevention, Treatment for Congested Chest

Cure for Chest Congestion:

Chest congestion is a feeling of tightness in the chest area. It is something you should be giving much attention because this is one of the few cardinal signs of heart conditions.

There is a difference between what type of chest congestion you are trying to point out. There is that feeling of tightness that runs through your chest that goes to your back and nape of the neck and even to your arms. There is also that tight feeling similar to experiencing a heart burn. There is also that feeling wherein you just can feel tightness due to difficulty of breathing, which is most common in panic or anxiety attack episodes.

Chest Congestion Information:

Chest congestion is something you should be alarmed about. This is true especially if the episode seems to be more frequent and if there is a discomfort that you are not able to tolerate anymore.

Preventing Chest Congestion:

Currently, there is no medical or factual data to support that chest congestion can be prevented. It is usually just the common manifestation a body would likely experience if it has an underlying heart condition or illness.

There are measures you can observe to help alleviate and to help relieve chest congestion discomfort and this includes:

  • Avoiding too much stress to prevent chest congestion.
  • Getting enough and adequate sleep.
  • Avoid salty, oily and fatty foods.
  • As much as possible eat healthy and nutritious foods. Eat more vegetables and fruits and try to cut down red meat consumption.

Natural Remedy for Chest Congestion:

The dangerous part of an individual experiencing chest pain is the risk that he or she might be experiencing a mild stroke or heart attack. Try to check whether you have a family history of this condition or any other condition that might lead to chest congestion.

These are the following measures you can do to alleviate the discomfort you might be experiencing during episodes of chest congestion.

  • Try to relax, practice deep breathing techniques and allow your mind and body to relax. Too much stress can worsen your present condition.
  • Lie down and try to elevate your legs with the use of a pillow.
  • Do not drink coffee or any other beverage with caffeine. If it will soothe you, try to drink something warm to relax.
  • If your chest congestion is due to a gastric reflux that causes heart burn, try to eat dry crackers. This usually helps a lot.

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  1. cassandra said:

    I had GERD 6weeks ago. I used Prilosec for 2 weeks. I got some relief. As time went on, its like every time I eat, I feel discomfort in my chest, pressure on my chest, stomach is a little bubbly. Every time I eat and go to bed, I cannot sleep. Should I go back to taking Prilosec or should I try something else?

    May 4, 2010

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