Trapped Wind In Chest: Cure, Causes of Trapped Wind In Chest

Trapped Wind In Chest Causes, Symptoms

Feeling of trapped wind in chest is annoying and uncomfortable feeling. Nevertheless trapped wind will make the person anxious about the causes; it will range from simple gas to condition associated with the heart.

Trapped wind in chest occurs due to indigestion, it can be due to swallowing food without proper chewing, swallowing a large bolus of food with gulping air together with it.

Trapped wind in the chest can be due to allergy to certain type of food. It can be dairy food, or carbohydrates.

The other serious condition which can be mistaken as trapped wind in chest is related to heart.

It can be an anginal pain, which one should not ignore. Sometimes it mimics like trapped wind, there may be belching, eructation’s present with angina. Certainly if one suspects of this condition, he should seek medical advice at an earliest call.

Cure For Trapped Wind In Chest

  • Rectify your habit of eating fast, so that you may gulp less air along with food. Chew properly before gulping a bolus
  • Avoid gaseous food preparations from beans, potatoes, fermented food preparations, carbonated drinks, and cheese and dairy products.
  • Swallow a pinch of ginger powder and asafetida with warm water. It is an effective home remedy for treating trapped wind in chest.
  • Peppermint oil capsules, fennel seeds and chamomile tea are the carminatives (herbs which expel gas from GI tract) which will eliminate and relieve trapped wind in chest.

Consult a physician if there is sensation of heaviness in chest and choking sensation to rule out any cardiac cause.