Tonsillitis Symptoms, Remedies | Tonsillitis Causes, Treatments

Tonsillitis Causes, Remedies:

In most cases, Tonsillitis is a bacterial infection of the tonsils and progresses in different stages. Self treatment is advised only for people with experience and only when the illness is in its initial stages, when complaints appear suddenly.

Important: If the patients fever is high with severe pain on both the sides of the throat; if remedies mentioned below do not improve condition within first twenty four hours, if the tonsils are covered with white pus and the patient’s breath has bad odor; if swallowing is painful, then immediate medical intervention becomes essential.

Tonsillitis Symptoms, Treatments:

  • Tonsils are severely swollen and covered with a glossy layer of mucus; stabbing, burning, throat pain; fever highest in late afternoon; shivering and not thirsty; person is extremely sensitive to touch; cannot tolerate anything tight; little urine of dark color.

Worse – Warm drink, warmth (including even a scarf around the neck)
Better – Fresh, cool air
Remedy – Apis
(Drink plenty of fluids. Check with your physician even in the early stages)

  • Throat feels as if swollen/shut, tonsils swollen severely, barely able to swallow; mouth is dry; tongue dry, shiny, raspberry red colored; wants to drink something cold, even if it hurts while swallowing; drinks liquid in small sips; skin is red, hot and steaming; pupils dilated; conjunctiva is red.

Worse – Speaking, swallowing, cold, cold drinks
Better – Covered with warm blankets
Remedy – Belladonna 200 (one dose every half an hour, four times maximum)

  • Tonsils are bright red; right side often worse; stabbing pain, radiating into the ears; tongue is red only on the sides and the tip; fever without sweating and increases slowly; head is hot, body cold; mouth is dry, slimy covering at the base of the tongue; top part of the inside of the mouth is dark red; wants to move about, but it brings no relief; feels very weak.

Worse – Solid food, warm liquids, during the night
Better – Cold fluids
Remedy – Phytolacca 30

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