Swollen Throat Causes: Symptoms & Remedies For Throat Infection

Swollen throat is a symptom of many local as well as systemic diseases. Our throat is a precious organ in our body, it serves as a passage for food and water, the air we breathe passes through the wind pipe in the throat. The sound from the voice box comes from the larynx which is situated in the throat.

Swelling in throat therefore gives discomfort to the body in many ways. It is necessary to know the reason for swollen throat, so that you can try to avoid its recurrence in future.

Causes Of Swollen Throat Glands

  • Bacterial infection, especially streptococcus bacteria gives rise to throat enlargement. Fever, throat pain and difficulty in swallowing are associated with streptococcal throat infection.
  • Virus infection will cause your throat to get infected and swell. Also most upper respiratory tract infections, H. influenza, mononeucleosis, measles, can cause swelling in the throat.
  • Allergens such as dust particle, pollens and fumes of gases and chemicals can irritate throat and cause unwanted swelling of mucous membrane in the throat.
  • Acid reflux disorder, tonsillitis, smoking, laryngitis and pharyngitis, candida infection, tuberculosis, HIV, syphilis and cancer are other causes of throat swelling.

Symptoms Of Throat Swelling

Swelling in throat brings lot of inconvenience and discomfort for the sufferer. Below are given several symptoms that may indicate swelling in throat.

  • Difficulty in swallowing: Patient complains of difficulty while swallowing. In some cases there is difficulty in swallowing liquid.
  • Fever is present in most cases with swelling of throat.
  • Throat becomes fiery red. Itching and tickling sensation persists together with redness.
  • Patient feels dryness in throat.
  • Tonsils are swollen and painful. They are tender to touch from outside. White patches appear on tonsils.
  • Hoarse voice is due to infection and inflammation in larynx (voice box). This may often result in altered speech. Hoarseness of voice may be due to speaking loudly for long time or due to allergy. Often singers suffer from hoarseness due to strain on their voice box.
  • Presence of enlarged lymph nodes.
  • Generalized body ache, headache, weakness are common in patients suffering from throat infection.

Natural Remedies For Throat Infection

  • If there is bacterial infection, prescription antibiotics and anti inflammatory drugs will alleviate the symptoms of swollen throat.
  • Virus infection usually subsides of its own in few days, if there is no secondary infection involved. ┬áTo relieve discomfort during this period you can do warm water gargling, drink herbal chamomile tea.
  • Salt water gargling is best home remedy available to soothe and alleviate inflamed throat. Salt is mild antiseptic. Warm water helps to alleviate pain and throat irritation.
  • You can add honey and a dice of lemon in the tea. Drink his tea before going to bed for a trouble free sleep.
  • Orange juice mixed in water is also known to cure swollen throat. Orange juice contains vitamin C. Vitamin C helps to boost immunity as well as it is effective in reducing the swollen mucus membrane of throat.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Consume warm milk mixed with a pinch of turmeric powder in it. Turmeric is natural anti inflammatory and antiseptic. It helps to relieve swelling in the throat.

You should consult an ENT doctor if the symptoms of throat infection recur very often.

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