7 Natural Ways to Strengthen Lungs After Smoking

Smoking is a major health risk for lungs as well as for whole body. Smoking in particular can damage the lungs; make breathing difficult and more strenuous. Lungs contain tiny air sacs called alveoli. Oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange takes place in these tiny air sacs. There are thousands of such air sacs in lung tissue. When you smoke the chemicals and tar present in tobacco damages the alveoli. This makes your lung harder to breathe in and out. Hence you may experience shortness of breath. Here are some of the ways in which you can strengthen lungs to breathe at ease after smoking.

Natural ways to strengthen lungs:

If you are a smoker, first thing that you must do is to quit smoking. It may be difficult in the beginning because of nicotine addiction, but it is not impossible. After all you must know that smoking ultimately shortens lifespan. Damage caused due to smoking is irreversible but with following steps you can still improve the lung function.

  1. Exercise: Exercise is extremely important for proper lung functioning. It improves your overall health. Cardiovascular exercise on treadmill, jogging, swimming, aerobics, climbing stairs etc are all form of exercise that will help to strengthen you lung function once you give up smoking.
    Exercise increases demand of oxygen to the muscles and consequently it also helps to expand your lung and its capacity.
  2. Swimming is considered to be a good exercise for lung expansion. Swimming involves many muscles and it also increases lung expansion. In fact swimming can strengthen your lung more than any other cardiovascular exercises.
  3. Yoga and deep breathing exercise is beneficial for improving lung capacity. Yoga strengthens diaphragm muscles. Strong diaphragm can increases lung expansion and hence more air can enter into the lungs.
  4. Play wind instrument such as saxophone, trumpet, clarinet, flute, harmonica etc. All these instruments produce sound by vibration of air. The player has to blow air into the instrument through his mouth. It is a good form of exercise for lungs. Regularly playing these instruments after creation of smoking is beneficial for lung health.
  5. Eat apples and tomatoes regularly. According to researchers, consuming apples and tomatoes helps to increase lung capacity in former smokers. Apples can also reduce risk of lung cancer and at the same time improve your immunity against lung infection.
  6. Drink ginger tea. Once you have quit smoking, ginger tea will help in restoring you lung capacity because of its anti inflammatory properties. Smoking causes inflammation of the air sacs within the lung. The ginger spice is natural agent which will help to reduce this inflammation.
  7. Eat berries such as strawberry, cranberry, mulberry etc. All berries are rich in antioxidants. Smoking can cause lung cancer. Antioxidants are effective in neutralizing increased free radicals that are known to reduce immunity, tend to increase lung infections and cancer.

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