Severe Cough Remedies: Causes And Treatment For Severe Coughing

Causes of Severe Coughing

  • Causes of severe cough are not necessarily related to the respiratory system. Most are, but there are other reasons for this occurrence and other conditions that can show symptoms of violent, painful coughing spells.
  • It has been reported that gastric reflux conditions can show symptoms of a deep, severe cough.
  • People who suffer with sinusitis or allergy’s can have episodes of a very bad cough also.
  • Some medications have been noted to cause extreme coughing spells.

Treatment For Severe Cough

  • It is very important to get to the root of why terrible coughing incidents are occurring. Other symptoms that accompany the cough are important to figuring out the origin of the problem.
  • Fever occurring with the bad cough can be significant of underlying infections or viruses. A doctor should be involved in the search for a cause.
  • Most importantly, it is vital that you know if this cough should be suppressed. In some conditions, suppressing a cough can do more harm.

Severe Cough Remedies

For suppressing a sever cough, there are many remedies.

  • Prepare the onion syrup out of chopped onion, lemon juice, boiling water and honey. Take a little of it frequently, it is soothing to the throat and will stop the coughing spell.
  • Mix together a little red pepper, ginger, honey, apple cider vinegar and boiling water for a quick fix for severe cough and spasms. Take in small sips.
  • Deep breathing is another measure to try when a very bad cough has you holding your chest because it hurts. Breathe in very deep to fill the lungs completely and exhale very forcefully to remove all the waste. Do this several times to put a stop to the spasms, the coughing, and the discomfort.