Pulmonary Consolidation: Causes And Treatment For Pulmonary Consolidation

Question: How can we get rid of fluids in the lungs caused by pneumonia? What is the natural remedy and treatment for this? What are the possible causes of pulmonary consolidation?
Answer: Pulmonary consolidation is a term used in olden days for lobar pneumonia. Normally the lungs are filled with air, and they are spongy but in condition like pneumonia, the lung space gets filled up by liquid and pus and the debris of the dead tissues instead of gas. These make the spongy lung hard and the function of the lung tissue is decreased.

Signs Of Pulmonary Consolidation

  • The expansion of the chest is decreased on the side of consolidation when a patient is inspiriting air.
  • Dullness on percussion on the affected area.
  • Doctors can hear crackling sound on auscultation that is the sound heard through the stethoscope.
  • Pleural rub can be elicited on keeping the stethoscope over the thorax.
  • Besides the above signs, fever with rigors, difficulty in breathing, sharp pain in the chest, productive cough is also seen in pulmonary consolidation.

These are the signs useful for a doctor to diagnose pulmonary consolidation.

X-rays show the lungs to be radio opaque in pulmonary consolidation

Causes Of Pulmonary Consolidation

  • Pneumonia is caused by various types of organisms.
    They can be bacteria like streptococci, staphylococci, pneumococci.
  • Virus
  • Fungal
  • Irritation by worms.
  • Inhaling foreign body, or accidental drinking of kerosene commonly in children.
  • Inhaling poisonous gas

Treatment For Pulmonary Consolidation

  • Rest is very important for person suffering from pneumonia.
  • Lime juice and honey can be given to expel out the mucus.
  • To increase the immunity nourish the patient with a good diet.
  • Fenugreek tea helps the person to reduce the temperature, increase the perspiration and dispels the toxicity.
  • Infusion of sesame seeds mixed with a pinch of salt and 2 teaspoon of honey can be given to the patient. This will help to remove the mucus in the lungs, and the bronchial tree.
  • Carrot juice and spinach juice is also helpful.

Remedies For Pulmonary Consolidation

These remedies may be valuable in viral infection. Bacterial infection may need antibiotics prescribed by your doctor.