Phlegm Stuck in Throat: Remedies for Feeling of Mucus Build Up in Throat

Feeling of Phlegm Stuck in Throat

Everyone has gone through the frustrating feeling of mucus stuck in the throat. It is an aggravating and uncomfortable situation that occurs more often than just when you have a cold.

Mucus Stuck in Throat Causes, Home Remedies

  • The common cold or flu generally causes some problems with mucous.
  • Other causes of the thick mucus build up in throat are smoking, alcohol consumption, viruses, bronchitis, and allergies to either food or chemicals inhaled from the environment.
  • As a home remedy for phlegm stuck in the throat, never automatically suppress the cough that sometimes occurs with it.
  • Coughing is a natural mechanism to get mucus up and out of the throat and respiratory tract.
  • Suppressing a cough can do severe damage by building up bacteria in old, stagnate mucous, and setting off a very bad infection in the body.
  • Use more natural ways to clear out the phlegm.
  • Simply blowing the nose frequently helps tremendously. Most of the mucous gets to your throat via the nasal passages. If you keep those passages clear, there will be less draining down to your throat.
  • Make a gargle to break up thick, sticky mucous by mixing salt with warm water and gargling often.
    Don’t swallow the solution but do let it roll around in the back of your throat to give you some relief.
  • Sipping on hot tea with lemon can assist in thinning out the phlegm so it can be expectorated easier. The acidic nature of the lemon helps cut through and dissolve it.
  • A mixture of ginger and honey taken internally can provide anti-infective properties to kill bacteria in the back of the throat.
  • Quitting smoking is the best medicine for decreasing mucous build up in the throat.