Nebulizer Treatment: Nebulizer Medications For Infants And Adults

Nebulizer is an instrument used in respiratory disease as it helps inhalation of medicine more comforting and more potent. It is used in infants and adults with severe respiratory distress and weakness, where inhalation is difficult.

What Is A Nebulizer Machine?

Nebulizer is commonly used in asthma, fibrotic lung disease, and chronic obstructive lung disease.  Generally in adults, metered dose inhalation pumps are used as they are more convenient to carry and due to their smaller size they are perfect to handle.

Nebulizer treatment refers to administration of medicines through the devise called nebulizer.

The main components of nebulizer are tube, inhalation mask, body which is a compressed air source, a cup for liquid medicine.

Nebulizer Medications And Treatment

The advantage of nebulizer treatment over regular inhalation pumps is; nebulizer converts liquid medicine into aerosol mist, which facilitates the medicine to reach deep into the bronchi and alveoli of the lungs, and cures the breathing problem faster than conventional inhalants.

Nebulizer Treatments For Infants

Nebulizer treatment is the preferred choice in infants and children’s suffering from asthma, as it is more convenient way of administering medicine in them.

Some of the side effects of nebulizer treatment are irritation in mouth, nose, throat and increased heart beats if more than the needed dose is administered.