Natural Remedies for Throat Tickling | Causes, Cures for Throat Tickle

Throat Tickle Causes and Treatments:

It is one of the most common complaints by people especially shortly before the onset of colds. A tickle in the throat is a truly annoying condition because scratching the area where the itch is located fails to give even a temporary relief. When a common cold is the culprit for the tickling sensation in the throat, then the patient is luckier than those who traced the cause of their ailment to viral infection or allergic reaction to dust, smoke, and pollen in the air.

When a person has cough or colds that causes tickling in the throat, the tickling sensation is due to the actions of coughing on the mucosal lining of the throat.

Due to the manner by which air is expelled by coughing, the lining of the throat may be scratched. Every time it is scratched, it causes another bout of itchiness.

When the tickling in the throat is due to an allergic reaction, the condition is more serious. This is because one will need to determine first what agents caused the allergic reaction so that one can avoid them in the future. Moreover, throat tickling that is due to allergy can cause a host of complications, especially to the airways of the body.

Remedies for Throat Tickling:

The best cure for tickling in throat is also the simplest and one that will cause no harmful effects on the body. You only have to drink water. When a person drinks water, it lubricates the airways and provides some relief to the abused throat lining. Moreover, in the case of colds and cough, drinking water is also a good home remedy.

However, the situation is worse if it is due to viral infection. In this case, the following treatments should be tried, although such treatments are generally recommended for all kinds of tickling in the throat:

  • Drink warm ginger tea to treat throat tickling. Boil a few pieces of ginger and sip on the tea while it is still warm. Spicy in nature and coupled with the warmth of the drink, one will feel the soothing relief of the tea as it travels down the throat.
  • Prepare a mixture of apple cider vinegar and a glass of water. Every time there is a tickling attack in the throat, drink the concoction for immediate relief.
  • Mix 6 pieces of ground onions to half of a cup of honey and a cup of water. Boil the mixture and then drink at least a tablespoon after every meal.

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  1. Willie Mae Nash said:

    I have tried the honey, lemon, and tea mix with ginger, and it works for me. I like to think you for these remedies that help people with this problem. Tickling in the throat is an annoying problem. I sing in a group and sometimes by myself in church and it annoy me after I sing and it happen a lot, although my throat don’t get sore and if one don’t help I’ll try the other one but so far this one is good. Again thanks for the remedies

    April 11, 2013

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