Nasal Sinus Polyps: Causes, What Is Nasal Polyps Sinusitis Infection

Nasal Polyps Sinusitis Infection

Nasal sinus polyps are small growths in the inner lining or the mucous membrane of the nose and in the sinuses. They are non cancerous growths. They are practically confined to adults, but children’s can also suffer from nasal polyps and it could be cystic fibrosis.

This swollen tissue in the sinuses can obstruct normal breathing through the nose and can obstruct the draining of mucus from the sinuses. At times there may be loss of smell.

Nasal sinus polyps can develop anywhere in the nasal cavity but it is more often present near the opening of the sinuses in the nasal cavity.

Polyps can arise from maxillary sinus and ethmoidal sinus. Nasal polyps are recognized by their glistening gelatinous appearance when light is focused upon them. Nasal sinus polyps can occur due to varied causes, it is the result of constant tissue inflammation from allergies caused due to dust and pollens, which may initiate attack of sneezing and watery flow of mucus from the nose and the sinuses.

Nasal Sinus Polyps Infection Causes

How is nasal sinus polyp infection caused? And what are the presenting symptoms?

  • Repeated viral and supperadded bacterial infection are also responsible for sinus polyps.
  • When the polyps are large in size, they block the normal mucus to flow from the sinuses; this may sometime result in bacterial infection if the immune system is compromised in an individual resulting in chronic bacterial sinusitis.

Nasal Sinus Polyps Symptoms

The symptoms of nasal polyp sinusitis include:

  • Running nose
  • Stuffy and blocked nose
  • Headache and pain in the region of sinuses
  • Fever may be present if there is bacterial infection
  • Itching in the eyes with continuous watering of the eyes
  • Snoring can be result of nasal sinus polyp