Maxillary Sinusitis: Surgery, Home Remedy For Maxillary Sinus

Maxillary Sinusitis Home Remedy

Maxillary sinus is a paranasal sinus, situated in the upper jaw region and behind the cheek bones.

Maxillary sinusitis is inflammation of maxillary sinus with superadded infection. When the mucus in the sinus does not drain properly or is prevented from draining it can result in maxillary sinusitis.

The infection is deep-seated and it is very difficult to cure the infection.

Maxillary sinusitis can be precipitated after a bout of cold or due to infection of gums and teeth. It can be a consequence of deviated nasal septum or due to fungal infection.

Nasal polyp can also cause maxillary sinusitis.

You should consult an ENT specialist if you are suffering from maxillary sinusitis.

Symptoms of Maxillary Sinusitis

  • Fever.
  • Toothache.
  • Facial pain.
  • Nasal congestion.
  • Cheekbones are tender.

The option of treatment for maxillary sinusitis is maxillary sinus surgery or treating conservatively with antibiotics and home remedies.

Maxillary sinusitis surgery is advised by a treating ENT surgeon, when conservative line of treatment fails.

The surgery is done to evacuate the blockage, and make the passage free for normal mucus drainage.

There are two types of maxillary sinusitis surgery. Endoscopic sinus surgery and caldwell luc operation.

Both the procedures are different, but the aim is to remove the blockage and make the passage free for drainage of mucus.

Home remedy for maxillary sinusitis: there are many home remedies for treating sinusitis. Few of them are important and easy. We will discuss it below.

Steam inhalation is the best method when your maxillary sinuses are blocked.

Garlic due to its antibacterial property is useful in maxillary sinusitis. You can add garlic in your daily food diet.