Acute Laryngitis Causes, Treatments | Vocal Pain Relief Remedies


I feel irritation in my vocal cord; my doctor told me there is no need to take any medicine because he did not find any problem in my vocal chord. But I feel the irritation whenever I swallow.


The feeling of irritation in your throat and in your vocal cord is due to inflammation of the tissue of larynx; cause may be viral cold, excessive use of voice like singing, shouting and yelling, or due to drinking cold drinks. In medical terminology the condition is called acute laryngitis.

This discomfort results in hoarse voice and pain and irritation in the throat.

Acute laryngitis generally heals of its own if there is no secondary infection.

In chronic laryngitis and chronic hoarseness, ENT specialist’s opinion is mandatory.

Following are the natural remedies to reduce the severity of acute laryngitis and vocal cord irritation:

  • Rest to the voice box is very important. Person suffering from laryngitis should not strain his vocal cord and should talk less.
  • He should not whisper or shout while speaking as both may cause straining of the vocal cord
  • Avoid breathing from mouth
  • Do not try to clear your throat even if it is irritating
  • Salt water gargling is recommended in laryngitis to give quick result
  • Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking
  • Ginger and lemon tea act as soothing agent
  • Juice of basil leaves and honey should be taken twice in a day.
    It has a soothing effect on the larynx
  • Warm milk with turmeric powder act as soothing preparation in laryngitis