Chicken Bone Stuck In Throat: Swallowed Chicken Bone Stuck in Esophagus

Question: How To Remove Chicken Bone Stuck In Esophagus

Answer: If chicken bone is stuck in the throat while eating you can try home remedies to remove it, until medical help arrives.

Home Remedies For Swallowed Chicken Bone Stuck In Throat

  • Eggs: Break an egg in a cup and swallow the whole content of the egg i.e. egg white and egg yolk in one gulp. It is observed that most difficult stuck chicken bone can be removed by this method.
  • Eat banana, it facilitates easy removal of stuck chicken bone from throat.
  • Drink plenty of water: drinking helps the stuck chicken bone to get dislodged due to esophageal movement.
  • If the stuck chicken bone is of larger size, gargle with vinegar for some time, vinegar helps to soften the bone, swallow rice or bread after gargling.
  • Heimlich maneuver: stand behind the person wrapping both the arms around his waist. Make a fist with one hand, the location of the fist should be above the navel and below the breast bone.
    Now with the other hand grasp the fist and make upward thrust. It elevates the diaphragm and creates an artificial cough to help expel the stuck chicken bone.
  • You can swallow a table spoon of olive oil; it will enable the stuck bone to slide down in the stomach.
  • If all this methods fail, seek medical help.

Prevention: To prevent foreign body to be stuck in the throat, eat slowly, chew the food properly, do not eat in hurry, and avoid talking while eating.