Chest Infection, Heavy Chest, Short of Breath Symptom: Causes and Cure

Question: I have following symptoms from last few weeks, can you please diagnose what can be the possible cause for following symptoms.

  • Dry hacking cough,
  • Heavy chest, fever,
  • Short of breath,
  • Gasping for air
  • What are the illnesses have these symptoms.



Management of Respiratory Troubles

  • Take Drosera 30, a homoeopathic remedy; frequently through the day. Drosera is a potent homoeopathic drug that works brilliantly on the entire respiratory tract. It reduces the intensity and frequency of cough, prevents a progression of the infection, treats fever, and eases breathing.
  • Take 1 spoonful of honey every morning and night. Honey is a wonderful food remedy that tones up the lung parenchyma (tissue) and prevents respiratory congestion.
    It prevents the accumulation of mucus / phlegm within the respiratory tract and checks shortness of breath instantaneously.
  • Another excellent home remedy to cure chest infections is caraway seeds. Roast a handful of the seeds and crush them. Inhale the vapors emanating from the crushed seeds. Caraway seeds help to expectorate (i.e. get rid of the collected mucus in the airway), thus helping breathing.

Avoid the following foods – sugar and sweets, fried foods, greasy foods, processed and ready to eat food packets. Also, stay away from cold food and drinks. Avoid eating rice, and banana, at night.

They are phlegm producing foods which could give trouble.

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  1. K said:

    I suffered from hay fever with shortness of breath. In 2004 a prominent homeopath started constitutional treatment with Psorinum200 and hepersulf 200 alternate day, all symptoms vanished. But stuffing of nose nose at night with shortness of breath at 2 in night recurred again recently. Psorinum and hepersulf are of no use. I am taking Allopathic drug for hypertension. My father was asthmatic, is there any remedy in homeopathy?

    March 9, 2010

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