Bronchial Cough Symptoms, Treatments | Bronchial Cough Causes, Remedies

Bronchial Cough Causes, Treatments

A Bronchial cough often develops from a cough due to a cold. A viral infection of the bronchial tubes usually leads to the ailment. The infection can be bacterial as well. Sometimes it can be due to irritation from air pollution. Quite often these symptoms can be persistent for a long time. Self treatment for severe cough should be administered by an experienced person. See your physician in case of high fever.

Attention: Whooping cough, Chicken pox, Scarlet fever, Measles can start as a bronchial infection.

Symptoms, Remedies of Bronchial Cough:

  • Uncontrollable coughing with a suffocated feeling; extreme exhaustion; huge amount of white, thick mucus that is difficult to expel; nausea, pale complexion, difficulty in breathing

Worse – Three o’clock in the night, warm or damp rooms, lying down
Remedy – Antimonium tartaricum 6 or 30

  • Dry cough with stabbing chest pain; holds against the chest while coughing; thirsty and thereby drinks a lot of liquid at once; very sensitive to motion.

Worse – Change from warm to cold, talking, motion
Better – Quiet
Remedy – Bryonia 30

  • Choking, painful tightening of the muscles when coughing, during the night and upon waking up; mucus that is expelled out is clear, thick and stringy; while brushing teeth there are bouts of coughing.

Worse – Warm drinks, touch, stress, tight clothing
Better – Cool air, cold drinks
Remedy – Coccus cacti 30

  • Dry, cramp-like coughing spells, with attacks that follow each other quickly, particularly during the nights; usually accompanied by mucus draining from the nose; very sensitive to cold air; breathes through a cloth; pulls blanket over the head; extremely weak after a coughing attack.

Worse – Cold
Better – Warm rooms
Remedy – Corallium rubrum 30

  • Dry, low cramp-like cough, particularly during the night; face turns blue-red after short severe attacks with fear of suffocation and vomiting; holds on to the chest during coughing spells; frequent vomiting; tendency of nosebleeds; blood vessels in the head swell.

Worse – Singing, talking, after midnight, warmth, drinking, laughing
Remedy – Drosera 30

  • Exhaustive, cramp like cough with rattling sound in the bronchial tubes with fear of suffocation; wheezing cough; vomiting and nose bleeding after a coughing spell; mucus is thick and impossible to expel; pale complexion; dark circles under the eyes; cramp when stretching.

Worse – Motion
Better – Cold drinks
Remedy – Ipecacuanha 30

  • Severe cough due to a cold in the throat; loose mucus; feels cold easily but cannot tolerate warmth; dripping of urine while coughing.

Worse – Warm/humid weather, in the evening, nights
Better – Outside, fresh air, in the morning
Remedy – Pulsatilla 200

  • Tiring coughing spells; often due to cold air; urge to urinate after a coughing spell; dry cough while eating; after awakening in the morning and when lying down in the evening; wants to wrap the head in something warm; frequent sneezing with pain in the chest.

Worse – Just before midnight between and between two and four in the morning, cold air
Better – In the morning
Remedy – Rumex crispus 30


  1. GJ said:

    Which physician should I see for Bronchial problem?

    April 11, 2015
    • PUP said:

      Pulmonologist is a pulmonary disease specialist. He is a physician who has specialized knowledge and skill in diagnosing and treating condition related to lungs. Diseases related to bronchus, lungs are his field of medical interest.

      April 14, 2015

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