How Do I Know If Something Is Wrong With My Baby In The Womb?

Pregnancy brings joy and special feeling in the family. For the pregnant woman feeling the baby move is a greatest pleasure and experience. However, even if the pregnant woman is healthy, the risk of pregnancy related complication cannot be ignored. Every pregnant woman should be aware of signs and symptoms of complications, so that if at all she suspects anything, she can immediately consult her obstetrician.

Some of the complications are minor and pose lesser risk, while some are more concerning as these complications can pose danger to the health of fetus as well as the expectant mother.

What To Expect At First Gynecologist Visit When Pregnant?

Once you have missed your periods and you suspect being pregnant, the first thing that you do is make an appointment with your doctor. If your pregnancy is confirmed with urine pregnancy test, the doctor will take medical history of any past or present illness and if you are taking any prescription medicines. The doctor will than give instruction for the diet and other details that are related to your pregnancy.

During the next checkup, he will recommend to perform certain tests such as blood group, sonography, complete blood count, blood sugar and various other blood tests etc.

He will also record your blood pressure and monitor the fetal growth and heartbeats from time to time on several further visits.

These tests and examination will provide information if you are having high blood sugar, anemia, high blood pressure, and the health of baby. Birth defects or other threats to the baby can be detected early with the help of these tests. Necessary treatment measures can be taken accordingly. For example with sonography birth defect such as spina bifida can be detected or the growth of baby can be monitored.

How Do You Know If The Baby In Womb Is Healthy?

There are certain signs and symptoms that may help you to know whether the baby inside the womb is healthy or has some problem.

  • Decreased fetal movement: Movement of baby in the womb is joyous experience for the mother. Besides bringing joy, movement is also important as it provides an indication of fetus health. Often the movement and kicking become slow as the baby is sleeping. But if you find any difference in the fetal movement inside the womb, you have to consult your doctor as the fetus may be in distress.
  • Vaginal bleeding: Small amount of spotting is common in pregnancy during the first few months. However, abnormal bleeding from vagina during pregnancy can also be a sign of placenta problems.
  • Sharp abdominal pain: Cramps are relatively normal during pregnancy. But if there is sharp pain or cramps before the time of birth, you should suspect something wrong. You should talk to your obstetrician if pain is intense and sharp.
  • Sudden gush of fluid from vagina: Talk to your doctor if there is abnormal gush of fluid or water from vagina or bleeding before the expected delivery period.
  • Passage of fetal material: This may be a sign of miscarriage. Talk to your consultant about your observation. He will ascertain about the heart beats and with the help of sonography that monitors fetal movement and overall health as well as growth.

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