Guidelines To Prepare Your Body For A Healthy Pregnancy

For a woman pregnancy is the most adventurous and exciting journey of nine months. The aim of every pregnancy is healthy mother and healthy child. Once you decide to become pregnant emotionally, your body has to be fit and ready to bring a new life into this world. Careful planning before pregnancy and preparing your body for pregnancy is essential for the well being of mother as well as for the child.

The journey is much more enjoyable and the likelihood of having healthy baby increases if you have prepared your body for healthy pregnancy.

Here are some steps that can help to prepare for pregnancy.

How Can You Prepare Your Body For Pregnancy?

  • The first step when you have decided to become pregnant is to visit your doctor. Preconception check up and consultation is especially important if you have crossed 30 years of age or conceiving for the first time or if you are suffering from any health disorder.
  • If you are taking any birth control pills or other measures of contraception, you have to stoop it when you have decided for pregnancy.
  • Your doctor will recommend certain preconception blood tests to determine your hemoglobin level and other parameters.
    If your hemoglobin is found to be low, he will prescribe medicines to elevate your hemoglobin. If you are having blood pressure or diabetes or any other disease proper control of the disorder is essential for healthy pregnancy.
  • Visit your dentist for dental check up before getting pregnant. If there is any dental anomaly, try to correct it before pregnancy. During pregnancy tooth extraction and other dental procedures are generally avoided.
  • When you are preparing to get pregnant, you have to eat healthy diet. Add few fertility foods in your diet such as eggs, green leafy vegetables, almonds, salmon, whole dairy milk etc. Avoid fast food and packaged food.
  • Add folate supplement in your list. Folate deficiency is known to cause neural defect such as spina bifida in the baby. Start taking folate supplement three months before you plan your pregnancy. Continue for few months after you conceive.
  • If there is a past history of genetic abnormality or abnormal obstetric history speak with your doctor about genetic testing.
  • Reduce your stress and anxiety at home as well as at workplace if you have decided for pregnancy. Stress can have severe impact on several aspects. It releases hormone cortisol which may suppress the ovulation and decrease your interest in sex which can make conception more difficult. Practice yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, massage therapy, etc to relieve stress and anxiety.
  • Exercise daily as it keeps your mind and body fit and motivated. The benefits of exercise are plenty which may be helpful for you to conceive easily. It provides strength and energy. It releases feel good hormones which elevates your mood for sex which is necessary when you have decided for pregnancy. It also reduces your weight if you are obese which may help to reduce the chances of gestational diabetes and hypertension.
  • If you are smoking, drinking alcohol stop both. Reports suggest that smoking can reduce chances of fertility it may also lead to low birth weight babies.

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