Abnormal Pap Smear During Pregnancy: Pap Smear Test Results

It is very important to know what Pap smear is, before discussing abnormal or normal Pap smear, and its importance during and after pregnancy.

What Is A Pap Smear?

Pap smear is a simple test conducted by the gynecologist, where group of cells from the cervix are collected and sent for microscopic examination to detect, precancerous and cancerous state of the cervix.

Some medical practitioners recommend women to undergo Pap smear test routinely every year.

Pap smear is a painless procedure, quick and has a high accuracy.

Abnormal Pap Smear During Pregnancy

If there are no abnormal cells found in microscopic examination, Pap smear test is negative or normal.

If cancerous or precancerous cells are found the test is positive or abnormal.

Pap smear is a routine test during pregnancy performed by many gynecologists during the first check up.

It is a safe procedure, and it does not cause any risk to your fetus or to you. If your pap smear is abnormal during pregnancy, your health care provider will discuss various treatment options, but before that he may suggest you to do a colcoscope directed biopsy of the cervix for histological examination. It is also a safe procedure for fetus and mother.

Abnormal Pap Smear Colposcopy

When cervical intraepithelial neoplasia lesion is detected during pregnancy it is usually not treated. Pregnancy is allowed to continue and delivery is done. After six weeks postpartum or six weeks after pregnancy the cervix is revaluated by colposcope directed biopsy or multiple quadrant punch biopsy and endocervical curettage. Further evaluation and treatment will depend on the biopsy report.

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