Get Rid Of Loose Skin After Pregnancy With Exercises And Diet

The skin can become extremely loose and wrinkly after pregnancy; this happens because the skin gets stretched out a great deal during pregnancy. You might be worried and anxious about loose skin after pregnancy and delivery. However, there is no need to get too apprehensive, the skin can be easily tightened by following a good, nutritious diet and these simple techniques and exercises.

The key to getting back in to shape after pregnancy is starting early. Speak to your gynecologist and ascertain how soon you can start your regimen. Usually, doctors recommend starting a workout routine after about one and a half month after delivery.

Adhering to a wholesome diet, exercising and having a daily massage will promise you a quicker toning up.

Diet To Get Rid Of Loose Skin After Pregnancy

Consuming the right kind of foods will help reinstate your skin’s health. Make sure that you have plenty of antioxidants that ward off damage of cells and hasten repair. Equally, important are essential fatty acids which keep the cell membranes healthy. Drink at least 3 liters of water; water flushes your system clean and speeds up metabolism.

Ensure that consume fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, milk, water, soups, nuts and legumes and lean meat.

Be careful to build lean body mass, while you lose fat. Steer clear of crash diets, they are not only extremely dangerous for your baby’s health when you are breast feeding, but also cause loss of lean body mass.

Exercises To Tighten Loose Skin After Pregnancy

  • Start a workout regimen. You need to work out every day for 20 – 30 minutes.
  • Crunches are the best to lose belly fat and tone up the abdominal muscles. Lie on your back, and flex the legs at the knees. Clasp your hands and support the neck. Now, raise your shoulders and upper back off of the floor using the abdominal muscles only. Let your forehead touch the knees. Do up to 20 counts, 2 sets; and then gradually build up.
  • The most effective Yoga posture to tone up sagging belly muscles is the ‘Naukasana’ or the ‘boat pose’. The boat pose works powerfully on the muscles of the abdomen and makes them taut. The elasticity and tightness of the abs will be restored. Sit comfortably on a Yoga mat, with the legs stretched out. Allow the upper body to lean back and raise the legs 6 inches off the floor. The hands should be next to the knees. Hold till the count of 30 to 50, gradually increasing. Make sure you practice this posture twice daily; it’ll hasten the toning up appreciably.
  • Massage is decidedly beneficial for toning up as well. However, do make sure you get a licensed masseur/ masseuse. Using aromatherapy essential oils will be more effective. Certain specific essential oils help get rid of the stretch marks, tone up the muscles and eliminate unsightly fat. Olive oil and avocado oil is recommended for the massage. Half an hour of daily massage offers outstanding benefits.