What Causes Joint Pain After Giving Birth? Its Home Remedies

Pregnancy brings about many changes in a woman’s body; they are both physical as well as mental. A pregnant woman successfully completes the tenure of nine months. During this period she gathers almost all information on various aspects of pregnancy and issues that develop after giving birth. Many women encounter host of new changes post delivery.

The first time mothers feel more perplexed due to joint pains. After birth of child they are surprised to find that the joint pain is still lingering. Most of them might have presumed it to go away after childbirth.

Joint pain after childbirth is not uncommon. It occurs in many post partum women.

Weight gain and hormonal changes occurring during pregnancy are two important factors that play a major role in joints or arthralgia after child birth. In some women it can last from 1 to 6 months, while the some may not experience the pain at all.

Causes Of Joint Pain After Delivery

Pain in joints, especially in the knees, elbow and back is not uncommon after delivery. Many factors play a role in producing joint pains. During pregnancy women gradually gains weight, which is an additional burden to the joints.

Weight gain puts strain on the joints, especially the weight bearing joints such as the knee and back.

Hormonal changes also contribute to some extent. During pregnancy body produces a hormone called relaxin. Its main function is to relax the muscles of pelvis and joints so that child birth is not difficult. The effect of this hormone is not limited only to the pelvic ligaments, joint and muscles; it has its influence on other joints of the body too.

After the child birth, the hormone relaxin does not disappear soon. It may take few weeks or months to vanish. This persistent excessive flexibility of the joints during this period after child birth can produce pain in joint, especially as the women has to do more physical work while handling the newborn. Repeated picking up the baby and letting her down in bed, rocking movement, breastfeeding etc can all strain the relaxed joints leading to pain and discomfort.

Many women also suffer from post partum depression. Joint pain among them is a common symptom. Deficiency of nutrients, especially docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is also suspected to cause pain in joints after pregnancy. Besides this, woman who starts exercising and workouts too soon after child birth has tendency to strain the joints which may result in pain.

Home Remedies For Joint Pain After Delivery

Not all women after child birth may suffer from joint pains. Only few experience pain more intensely. Normally joint pain after delivery lasts for few weeks till six months. This all depends on the stamina of the body to fight back the contributing physical stress when the mother gets involved in her daily chores.

  • Depending on severity of joint pain, mother can take over the counter pain medicines.
  • Rest is essential part of treatment. She should take frequent rest and avoid lifting heavy objects.
  • Ice fomentation and hot fomentation alternately is effective in alleviating pain. Following this procedure three to four times for 10 minutes gives significant relief in post partum joint pain.
  • She can also start mild physiotherapy exercises, but should take permission from her doctor before starting high intensity workouts.