Pain In Hip Joints During Early Pregnancy: Causes & Remedies

Pregnancy is considered to be the most joyous moment in most women’s life. Pregnancy brings about lot of changes in the body, both in the musculoskeletal as well as hormonal system. Pain in hip joints is a common symptom in many pregnant women especially during the early pregnancy days, and it may continue throughout the 38 to 42 weeks.

Since the day of conception, body starts preparing to accommodate the fetus and its growing size in the womb and its easy passage during labor. Hence it begins to produce a hormone called relaxin.

The main role of this hormone is to loosen joints which may result in aches and pain, particularly such pain is experienced in the hip region. Not all women may experience pain in hip, but those who suffer from this discomforting symptom may get relief from mild exercises such as swimming and prenatal yoga.

Causes Of Hip Joint Pain In Early Pregnancy

There are several causes for pain in hip joints during pregnancy. Here are those elaborated in detail.

  • Round ligament: As mentioned earlier, as soon as a woman conceives, her body starts manufacturing relaxin hormone.
    This hormone relaxes the joints and ligaments of the body. Round ligament in the pelvis connects uterus with the hip bones. It starts to stretch during the first trimester as well as the rest two trimesters in order to make the room for the fetus. Due to stretching the woman experiences pain in hips which is often deep seated, sharp and piercing. However, this discomforting pain is short lived. The best solution to alleviate such pain is to take rest.
  • Sciatica pain: The sciatica nerve originates from the lower spine and passes through the pelvic bone towards thigh and back of the leg to the foot. Growing size of fetus during the first trimester can compress the nerve causing pain in hip bone and down towards foot. The pregnant woman may experience numbness and pins and needle sensation in the hip bones or it may be burning and shooting pain which wax and wane from time to time. Sciatica is common problem in many pregnant women. But the pain disappears soon after pregnancy.
  • Sacroiliac joint pain: It is common in pregnancy because the ligaments that attach to the sacrum and the iliac part of the hip bone become lax and weak. As a result stretching and pressure on the hip bone can cause discomfort and pain. The pain is often constant and dull.
  • Pain in pubic joint: The two pubic bones in front of the pelvis are joined by ligaments. As the ligaments soften and stretch during pregnancy, there may be associated pain in the groin and pubic area. There may be peculiar clicking sensation in the pubic region. Pain in this area aggravates while walking, parting legs, or climbing stairs. Pain in hip bone often increases after change of position from sitting to walking.

Natural Remedies For Pain In Hip Joints

Treatment of hip joint pain during pregnancy is aimed at relieving soreness and pain. At the same time it is also necessary to help her to be more comfortable in her daily activities.

  • If the pregnant woman experiences hip pain, she must practice physiotherapy exercises that will help to strengthen her back and abdominal muscles.
  • Warm baths two times in a day is effective in relieving pain in hips.
  • Warm compresses also help to reduce pain in hips. Apply warm compresses on the sore area.
  • Massage the sore area regularly. It helps to alleviate acute pain of sciatica.
  • The pregnant woman must sleep sideways with her legs folded at the knee joint. Small postural changes while sleeping will help to relieve pain for long time.