Groin Pain During Pregnancy Causes and Relief Exercises

There are many reasons why pregnant women experience pain in the groin area. Here are the possible causes of groin pain during pregnancy:

  • Ectopic pregnancy– Groin pain can be a symptom of ectopic pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancy happens when the fetus implants itself outside the uterine cavity. The fetus usually implants itself on the fallopian tubes.
  • Hormonal changes– Changes in hormones, such as the progesterone and relaxin causes the ligaments, joints and muscles to loosen.
  • Weight gain– It is normal to gain weight during pregnancy. However, gain weight can strain the pelvic region, as well as the hips, causing groin pain.
  • Poor posture during sitting and standing– Poor posture can put unnecessary pressure on hips.
  • Stress– Stress is known to cause stiffness in muscles, and when muscles become stiff, they add pressure on hips and pelvic area.
  • Round ligament pain– The round ligaments are the ones holding the uterus, and as the uterus grows, the round ligaments stretches, straining them which results to sharp pains.

Relief Exercises for Groin Pain In Pregnant Women

There are a lot of pregnant women who exercise so that giving birth would be easy. However, some of these exercises can cause groin pain instead.

So here are some tips on how to avoid groin pain during pregnancy with exercises for relief:

  • Avoid doing exercises that requires too much pressure on one leg. Stressing only a leg, and not both legs, can create strain, which can hurt the round ligament.
  • Rest if necessary. Pregnant women must not push themselves to work out to the extremes. If they feel tired, they should take a sit and let their pelvic bones take a rest.
  • Pregnant women can try a crawling position, head down, and curving their backs. The arch should be held for 5 seconds and repeating this 10 times.
  • They can also try another crawling position, but instead of head down, their heads must be tilted and curving their backs like a camel. The arch must also be held for 5 seconds, with 10 repetitions.
  • Another tip is to lie on their backs, with a pillow under their lower back. They must bend their knees until it faces the ceiling, and they can slowly stretch their legs. Legs must be held in this position for 30 seconds.

How to Relieve Groin Pain During Pregnancy

Over the counter-medications to relieve groin pain may not be safe for the mother and her baby. So here are some remedies that can help relieve groin pain in pregnancy:

  • Acupuncture is said to help relieve groin pain in pregnancy. This is safer than taking in any medications.
  • Exercise, such as those for pelvic areas can help strengthen the pelvic area and reduce pain.
  • Always move the legs close to each other, and never apart.
  • Chiropractic is another alternative medicine that is known to help in spine pains as well as groin pains. Pregnant women also follow chiropractic with TENS.
  • Take small, frequent movements, such as walking. Physical exercises can help during labor, strengthen pelvic bones, increase endorphins, and prevent too much gain weight during pregnancy.