Cough Suppressant In Pregnancy: Cough Remedies In Pregnant Women

We use hundreds of over the counter preparations for minor illnesses. Under normal circumstances the drugs that we use are generally safe but the pregnancy changes everything. There are many useful medications that may be quite damaging during pregnancy. Cough suppressants are medicines used to cure cough and the other type is an expectorant.

The differentiating feature between the two cough medicines is; cough suppressants diminishes the urge to cough, while an expectorant is used to make the mucus thin and help in its expulsion. Cough suppressants are used when there is dry cough.

Cough expectorant is used when the cough is productive and wet.

Cough Suppressant And Pregnancy

There are many cough suppressants available in the medical store, but all are not safe. Not all the cough suppressants are intended for use during pregnancy, many haven’t even been tested with pregnancy in mind. Keeping this perspective in mind, it is advisable to stay away from all the cough suppressants, or if it is very necessary the safe thing is to consult your doctor before consuming any cough suppressants during pregnancy.

Generally a pregnant woman is advised to avoid cough suppressants, especially during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, as there is a high risk of developing fetal birth defects during this period, the risk increases many folds when the woman has the habit of smoking.

Cough Drops For Pregnant Women

Cough and cold is a common problem faced by many, and a pregnant woman is not an exception. She too may suffer from a seasonal cold and cough. In most cases cough and cold settles after few days without any medications. But if there is persistent cough, she may need some medicines, as continuous cough can lead to miscarriage.

Cough drops that contain pseudoephedrine and codeine or phenylephrine are contraindicated during pregnancy. They can affect the blood flow to the placenta. In such as situation cough suppressants and cough drops can be substituted with herbal remedies or home remedies that are safer.

Home Remedies For Cough In Pregnancy

In pregnancy your immune system is not up to its mark, besides the hormonal changes and bodily changes can be a contributing factor for contracting cold and cough.

  • Vitamin C in its natural form enhances the immune system. Eat plenty of fruits that contain vitamin C. Citrus fruits such as lemon, orange, are very effective.
  • Increase water intake as it helps to liquefy the mucus and helps its expulsion from the respiratory tract. Besides it also helps to hydrate your body.
  • 1 tsp of garlic juice and 1 tsp of honey. Take this mixture two times in a day to reduce cough.
  • When you have sore throat, salt water gargling helps to relive it.
  • Ginger juice and honey is also useful in relieving cough during pregnancy.
  • Nasal saline drops act as a natural decongestant