Arm Numbness During Pregnancy Causes: Treatment For Numbness In Arms

During pregnancy, the woman experiences a lot of changes in her body. With these changes come new sensations as the body adjusts to the new body. Arm numbness is an example of these new found sensations during pregnancy. There are no serious implications for the numbness and usually the only cure is through delivery.

Causes Of Numbness In Arms During Pregnancy

  • Arm numbness or paresthesias are felt by some, not all, pregnant women.
  • This numbness mimics or is very much like the symptoms of a carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • The pregnant woman can experience numbness, pain, and even a burning sensation on the affected arm or both arms.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome is usually only seen in individuals who repeatedly use their hands and fingers.
  • In carpal tunnel syndrome, the median nerve is compressed, causing the symptoms of numbness.
  • In pregnancy, fluid retention and swelling causes the compression of the median nerve, thus the arm numbness.
  • Compression of the median nerve due to swelling and fluid retention in pregnant women is not limited to one arm but can occur in both arms.
  • Marked numbness is usually felt during the second trimester.
  • There are usually no serious implications when a pregnant woman is experiencing arm numbness.
  • One way to test whether problems with circulation is causing the numbness is to press the fingernails and release. When the blanched areas become pink again in no time, this means that there are no circulation problems that are causing the numbness.
  • The numbness felt during pregnancy is usually harmless.
  • With right and left numbness of the arms during pregnancy, sometimes the best method for relief is to seek positions where the least amount of paresthesia or numbness is felt.

Treatment For Numbness In Arms In Pregnancy

  • There is no treatment necessary for arm numbness in pregnant women.
  • Unless delivery is impending, the numbness will still be felt.
  • There are hands and arm exercises that can help reduce or even prevent numbness during pregnancy.
  • If working, it is best for the pregnant woman to keep her hand at an elevated level.
  • Using an ergonomic keyboard during work also helps ease the numbness.
  • Flexing and wiggling the fingers several times a day also help relieve the pressure off the median nerve and relieve the numbness.
  • Rolling of the shoulders also help relieves the numbness of the arms.
  • Wearing of wrist braces and splints while working will help give support and prevent numbness of the arms.
  • When sleeping, elevating the hand with a couple of pillows will help relieve numbness.
  • Avoid sleeping on the side to prevent further numbness on the affected arms.
  • For episodes of extreme numbness, shaking the hands and fingers will help in relieving the numbness completely.